It begins with the revolt of , detailing the reasons for the uprising, and goes right up to India claiming independence. The nationalist movement is covered in three different stages. The book also touches upon the various changes that the British government brought to India. It talks about its effect on the administration and the economy of India. A Brief History Of Modern India also highlights the various reform movements that took place across the country by the tribals, workers, and peasants. It also talks about the civil rebellion and all those involved in it.

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WhatsApp This book is for Competetive examination. Bestseller, good content and positive approach. There are questions at the end of every chapter that will assist students to prepare for your assessments. Ministry of home affairs, government of India has been impanelled to the post of joint secretary in Government of India.

It was divided into eight provinces each with a governor. A Governor-General Viceroy in Calcutta was head of the government. The way the British conquered India was often divided and rule. In the end, many kingdoms were defeated by the British and the riches have taken. For example, many of the Royal Crown Jewels were taken from previous kingdoms in India- including the Koh-I-Noor diamond one of the worlds largest diamonds and also stole many other large diamonds and gold.

During famines and floods, many people died because the government did not help enough. Political opponents were jailed and sometimes killed for speaking out against the colonial rule.

During the partition of India and Pakistan, millions of Indians and Pakistanis died. The British also did good things. They built railroads, telegraphs and telephones, improved trade, standardized laws, and water supplies. Many of these things were done to help improve commerce in India and taxes provided to England. They created the Indian Civil Service for administering rules and regulations. They also tried to eliminate practices like burning widows. The British ruled India primarily for the economic benefit of Britain.

India produced cheap raw materials for British industry. Indians had to buy British manufactured goods and profits went back to Britain. Please use them for constructing your expertise and do not create them Commercial. We ask you to honour our Tough Work. We are just providing the link already available on the internet. You can also Download-.

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Spectrum History Pdf By Rajiv Ahir Download [Hindi] : Part 1 2 3



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