Video performance Industry leading resolutions of: x to 50 m ft. Video compensation The AdderLink X applies steps of signal compensation enabling fine picture adjustments. Brightness control The AdderLink X offers its own brightness correction to ensure images are crisp, clear and bright. This removes the video skew issues that can be caused by longer CATx cables.

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Page 7: Connections. From USB mouse and Hotkeys signal to the X module that the next key to be pressed is a special configuration command for the module and is not to be passed to the computer system. Page 9: Operation Operation General use In use, the X module should be transparent - the system and its peripherals should operate exactly as normal, the only difference being that they are now a long distance apart and two computer systems or more when used with an AdderView CATx switch can be viewed from a single set of peripherals.

Page Special Configuration Special configuration Configuration You can alter the way that the X module operates to suit your requirements. Page Password. Page And. Page Video. Video compensation is best carried out when viewing high contrast images with vertical edges, such as black lines on a white background. Three of these pairs are used to convey red, green and blue video signals to the remote video monitor.

Page Miscellaneous. Corresponding keyboard indicators will flash rapidly to show which channel is currently selected for adjustment: Num Lock for Red, Caps Lock for Green and Scroll Lock for Blue.

Page Performing. To perform a flash upgrade 1 Remove power from the X module. If one or both CAMs also need to be upgraded, ensure that they are connected to the X in the usual manner. Page 17 this may take a few seconds. When the power is re-applied the X module and any upgraded CAMs will operate using the new firmware.


Adder X200 650 ft USB KVM Extender Kit

This USB KVM extender has been designed for use in applications where up to two computers can have their keyboard, video and mouse control extended up to m ft. The AdderLink X class extender provides absolute real time keyboard and mouse performance along with hi-definition, hi-resolution video over a VGA interface. Distance is dependent on the monitor resolution, number of monitors, cable type and the number of connection breaks for patch panels and wall plates: 2-Port transparent USB 2. Isochronous devices such as web cams and headsets can also be used. High-definition analog VGA video x to 50 m ft.


X200-USB/P-US KVM Extender



Adder USB KVM receiver


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