AFI 91-302 PDF

This provision is not to be used as a deliberate planning factor to defer inspections in support of deployment operations. ALS QA programs are designed to provide feedback to technicians, trainers, supervisors, and managers to eliminate defects and deviations from established guidance. Reference this STS regarding changes and address your correspondence to the address below or electronic mail to: Vehicle Control Officer orientation 5. A bare base must have a source of water that can be made potable.

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Mezigami Ensures fielded ALS systems and subsystems are integrated with newly developed technologies, systems, and subsystems. Annual reviews will be documented appropriately.

Core tasks may be specified for a particular skill level or in general across the AFSC. Explain to the civil officer that the knife is part of their authorized flight uniform.

DD Form A 3. Upon completion of the initial skills course and within 90 days of assignment to first duty station must complete mandatory OJT task items in the STS. Column 3 is used to record completion of tasks and knowledge training requirements. Units are not required to supplement this instruction unless, necessary for unique requirements refer to paragraph 2. Which statement is ati consistent with good fire prevention practices?

General Education 15 semester hours: Designs must not interfere with visor operations, the EEU-series goggle top latch assembly, or the night vision goggle NVG mounting bracket. Passengers scheduled for flight aboard non-ejection seat equipped aircraft will be briefed on emergency procedures and ALSE as depicted in appropriate aircraft passenger briefing guides. Sanitize all ALSE and inspection forms prior to deployment. During aircraft transfers or movement of ALSE, communication between depot, modification agencies, and afk or losing units is required.

Egress Volume 1 Ures Provisions will be made to protect shelf stock components from dust, impurities, and direct sunlight. In its talons, the falcon grasps a globe which represents earth as seen from space. If necessary, request support from the nearest major AFMC base.

The type of task determines who will validate current qualifications. Establishes a local permissible operating distance. Ensure instructions, publications, manuals, procedures, and T. Conducts periodic site visits e. Go to My Dashboard. Enrollment in CCAF occurs upon completion of basic military training. Completion of the Vehicle Operator Apprentice course. Training will stress the unique changes in procedures to include added difficulties aircrew and could experience as a result of wearing ACDE.

Aif, include aircrew clothing items and information on hazards associated with improper wear and failure to use only authorized clothing and equipment items. Develops base vehicle priority buy program, priority recall list, and rotation plan. Orient New Personnel 3. Number and type of aircraft participating in sortie.

In aircraft with multi-crew ejection seat capability, stress importance of aircrew coordination actions in emergency situations. Quality Inspector Requirements. Conduct for vehicle control officer meetings The CFETP provides personnel a clear career path to success and instills rigor in all aspects of career field training. Performs fleet management functions. Store items neatly and separated to prevent commingling of serviceable, reparable, and unserviceable items. For two-time CDC course exam failures: Unit flight surgeons will be consulted for optimal use and placement of the lumbar support pad.

The senior badge adds a star to the top of the badge; wear after award of the 7-skill level. Program Elective 15 Semester Hours: Recertify all newly assigned personnel, both military and civilian, in previously certified areas.

The letter of certification must include a list of courses applicable by aircraft each instructor is qualified to teach and must be updated by endorsement throughout the year. Personnel flying in fighter or trainer aircraft equipped with ejection seats must wear gloves at all times. Press the lever, Aim the nozzle, Sweep back and forth, Shout a warning. Manpower Table as of October Most Related.


AFI 91-302 PDF

Akijar Procedures must be established ati personnel and tools must be for mass filter element installation. Sfi members previously qualified in a given ejection seat equipped aircraft and currently in transition to a different model of the aircraft, or undergoing upgrade training in the same type of aircraft, may receive egress training at the regular interval from date last accomplished, if the escape systems and procedures are the same in both aircraft models. LSOs will maintain currency in unit-equipped aircraft. Request assistance from someone outside of your area for a more honest evaluation. Investigates accidents or incidents within functional areas.


Conducts quarterly visits to ALS sections to ensure compliance with T. Do adi request waivers by telephone. There are currently no transition training requirements. If and when transcribed tasks become duty position requirements, re-certify using 91— certification procedures. All aircrew members must attend formal training requirements as identified in AFI forthcoming. The APEC will meet annually to receive briefings on ALS systems programs and plans, discuss issues, and establish a strategic plan for future development and acquisition. The plane of rotation danger area of an aircraft engine or turbine power unit is marked by.


Shakagar Disassemble the remaining filter and place parts in resealable bags ready for immediate installation of filter elements. The tests sample knowledge of STS subject matter areas judged by test development team members as most appropriate for promotion to higher grades. W Section C — Support Material 8. Already have an account? The LSS is responsible for conducting an annual review. Performance contract b surveillance 5. As a group, develop a time-reaction checklist using operational plans to initiate and sustain vehicle operations contingency or deployment commitments.


Zujar The strategy must be apparent and affordable to reduce duplication of training and eliminate a disjointed approach to training. AFMC When parachutes are worn including parachutes integral to an ejection seat aif, the MC-1 knife with hook blade open, or riser cutter knife, will be carried in the pocket of afl outer garment. Questions are based upon study references listed in the WAPS catalog. In addition, personnel receiving taxi rides in an ejection seat aircraft will wear as a minimum flight boots or equivalentNomex coveralls, and Nomex gloves on ejection type aircraft. Section B — Course Objective List 4.

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