Pembersih mutakhir berbentuk busa ini menggabungkan pembersih dan penyegar dalam satu langkah mudah, sambil menyiapkan kulit untuk menerima kandungan-kandungan anti penuaan terkini. Formula mewah ini memberikan nutrisi awal dari ageLOC dan menjadikan kulit Anda terasa lembut dan segar. Mencerahkan, meningkatkan kadar air, dan menutrisi kulit, serta melindungi kulit dari pengaruh buruk paparan UVA dan UVB sinar matahari. Pelembab harian yang ringan ini sangat baik digunakan sebelum riasan dan merangsang pembaruan sel remaja untuk tekstur kulit lebih halus dan lembut — menjadikan kulit lebih muda, lebih sehat setiap hari. Bahan kandungan ekstra lembutnya menyerupai tekstur kulit, bekerja secara alami seiring proses pembaruan kulit di malam hari.

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But really, healthy skin is more than just quick fixes. The Review There are two elements to the Nu Skin skincare system. A topical face care regime that cleanses, protects, and nourishes the skin and a complete at-home spa system that uses electric current to delivery product deep down into your skin. First up is the ageLOC Transformation skin care system.

I have been using these products for the past 8 weeks and can say that they have absolutely changed my skin. A few months ago, I suffered from those deep, under the skin blemishes that made my jaw bone look red, bumpy and puffy. While, I still have an occasional zit here or there darn you greasy foods! Pictures you say? Fat chance. It rinses off easily and cleanly without leaving a residue.

Some cleansers immediately make my face feel try and stripped of healthy oils. In the photo, the serum is on the left, radiant day cream in the middle and night cream on the right. I pictured the serum as the foundation — coating the skin with nourishing ingredients, and then the other two as an additional outer layer that helps protect it from the sun while also providing additional moisture.

The Future Serum itself is fairly lightweight with a light fragrance. It rubs into the skin very easily after washing. From face wash to serum to moisturizer, I can finish the entire system in just a couple of minutes. The combination of these protects has truly provided me with clearer and more youthful skin.

A third-party study demonstrated that people who used ageLOC Transformation twice a day for 12 weeks say improved signs of aging in just seven days and an improvement in fine lines, skin smoothness, and radiance after 12 weeks. This consists of a two step treatment where you apply a pre-treatment gel using spa setting 1 and then follow wih the actual treatment at setting 2.

The positively charged ageLOC Treatment Gel draws out impurities targeted in the pre-treat step, facilitates recovery from stress, enhances hydration and targets the ultimate sources of aging to help preserve the look of youth and reduce the overall appearance of aging.

To the point where when one of my friends saw me later that day, the commented on how my face looked brighter. The actual spa experience is actually rather different. Other systems have you lather on a cream, let it sit, and then rinse off. Here you play a more active role in ensuring that the product gets worked into the skin through the galvanic currents.

You put the treatment on, then wet your fingers and press them against the conductive pad on the back of the spa. Put the spa up to your skin so it can calibrate. I definitely felt a warmth as the spa moved across my face. Incidentally, you can only use this product on yourself. I tried holding the spa system while treating someone else and it broke the current loop. So the person who is receiving the treatment also needs to be holding the spa system.

A fellow tester was the guinea pig for the Tru Face Line Corrector. We tested the corrector specifically on the forehead lines and the lines around the mouth. Once again the results were immediate and very apparent with the depth of the lines appearing much shallower not as deep — especially around the mouth. We kept looking in the mirror commenting on how the tester looked more youthful after just the first treatment. But in this case, I believe you get what you pay for.

Overall I was thoroughly impressed by the NuSkin system and the virtually immediate results that I experienced and witnessed. You lucky duckies, you! To Enter: Visit www. Make sure you confirm your subscription — this will be verified!

Visit our Giveaway Rules page for general giveaway rules that also apply to this giveaway. Your experiences may be different.

I did receive a free product from the manufacturer or their representing PR agency to use and test for the purposes of this review. This did not affect the outcome of this review. More from The WiC Project:.


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