Biografie[ bewerken brontekst bewerken ] Moravia kwam uit een welgestelde familie. Zijn vader Carlo, die joods was, was van beroep architect en schilder. Alberto was de derde van vier kinderen. De oudste dochters heetten Adriana en Elena en de jongste heette Gastone. School en ziekte[ bewerken brontekst bewerken ] Moravia slaagde er niet in zich regelmatig met school bezig te houden omdat hij op negenjarige leeftijd werd getroffen door een ernstige vorm van bottuberculose. Hierdoor was hij gedwongen zich meer dan vijf jaar lang roerloos en in bed te houden.

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The novel charts the desperation of their fugitive existence and shows the devastation of war, both physically and psychologically. However, the characterisation is original and shows starkly the Alberto Moravia was, in my opinion, one of the greatest writers of the 20th century.

However, the characterisation is original and shows starkly the difference between the pre-war values of a simple woman and the immorality of fascism. It is ultimately a very tragic story and the final chapters are profoundly affecting. This made it hard to read at times. My copy was a cheap, Panther reprint from the s and the design was terrible. Given the title Two Women in English, the Italian title of this novel refers to a geographical region in the hill country east of Rome.

The story takes place in during the period when the Allies were moving up the Italian peninsula, retaking it from the Germans after the collapse of the Italian fascist government. Rome at the beginning of the novel is under German occupation and life is becoming ever more dangerous and uncertain.

Cesira decides to leave her shop in the care of a neighbor and flee with her daughter to her own home village in the hill country. The narrative traces their lives over a period of nine months, until at the end they return to liberated Rome.

This is in part the story of the privations, constant dangers and aggressions that the women endure, their losses and their hopelessness as well as their occasional joys, their uncertainties and the people they encounter and with whom they live at various times. It is an honest and at times searing book, filled with hopes and anguish, violence and uncertainty, simple joys as well as interpersonal disappointments. I often felt stunned reading it, and at the end I felt surprisingly peaceful.

The book is deep and thought-provoking, sensitive and real, and it finds hope in the midst of terrible circumstances. A movie based on the book and starring Sophia Loren was made a number of decades ago, and I would like to see it.


La ciociara di Alberto Moravia: trama, significato e personaggi



Alberto Moravia



La ciociara (romanzo)


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