Images As its name suggests, the Fusion 6HD workstation fuses the best elements of sampling, synthesis, and hard disk recording in an all-in-one powerhouse workstation. With the Fusion 6HD, Alesis has re-examined the concept of the professional music production workstation, making ease-of-use a top design priority. Featuring 4 types of synthesis; an 8-channel hard disk recorder; built-in user sampling; an effects processor; USB 2. Features 61 note semi-weighted keyboard workstation Four integrated synthesis types: Sample Playback, Virtual Analog, FM and Physical Modeling Full synth workstation with 8 track bit Hard Disk recording and 40Gb internal hard-drive Comprehensive waveform editing, internal memory expandable from 64MB to MB Save and load programs off of a hard disk or the removable Compact Flash memory 32 Track MIDI sequencer built in with integrated multi-channel digital audio playback Store all your sounds on the internal disk and always have your programs available to you Onboard grand piano based on acclaimed "Holy Grail Piano," by Q Up Arts Storage options include built-in hard disk, USB 2.

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At first glance, what is striking is its very compact but very particular lines a little retro design, it pleases and it pleases not sure but it does not leave you indifferent. I will not dwell on the already very technical reviews provided by other data, but I would summarize by saying that this is a note workstation with aftertouch, weighted and slightly smaller than other keyboards I had more than sons factory besides additional banks to immediately download and save to your fusion.

Integrated hard drive, all imaginable outputs Maximum polyphony, 4 types of synthesis, built-in sequencer Indeed, the grip is correct without being intuitive either I did not lost with the Fusion. Against browsing by the OS we perceive that this workstation enormous editing capabilities and settings but the manual in English is too simplistic to be able to exploit all, notament in the sequencer which I think adds nothing machine if it is only to bugger the OS..

This is in part due to lack of ventilation merger and inefficient fan, even a design error. Indeed, the strings are not great I know little synth who apart Roland , acoustic and electric pianos are not catastrophic but exceeded over what is done today, especially when we see a Korg Kronos or SV1.

Wind instruments on them are alot more successful. For additional downloadable and acoustic sonorities, they are just bluffing and one understands why these banks there were proposed following Kits for bateries there than in any workstation Sounds may beings as metallic, cold, cristalins but also profound, powerful, round, short grass I have the seem to have it all together in one bike What strikes recess is this different side in the sounds and beans sounds which gives inspiration and the desire to spend time tweaking Sample Types It is also possbile sampler.

Finally connected to a PC it is possible to import sounds, convert them to the fusion and magic What is certain is that it is not intended for beginners in the world of workstation.

Anyway for the price it costs today A well stocked level of controllers: four pots, a jog wheel, 2 button sw, 4 struts Sups. Modulation and pitchbend retro flash! Moog type bomb.

Sequencer: I do not like the. Lineal only, but not the top. Against, the manual sucks! The effects are not bad although Alesis. The expressive keyboard velocity, aftertouch, etc. The possibility of the beast! Unbeatable value for price must pick an Oasys!

Playing the piano is a real pleasure. It has 4 large knobs that allow endless change during his performance the filter cut-off, rsonnance ,.. Moreover, as they are ProMinent, the maneuver is reached with your fingertips while keeping an agreement.

The pitch bend and modulation of light and change light intensity according to their value. This gadget can do, but if we play in the pnombre is very practical. I see these prfr wheels on the left of the keyboard to be easier ACCS. The knobs are trs Prominent, prompting caution in transporting the instrument.

Discoveries of the possibility of the merger is not it. We first sailed easily into the program mode from the sounds. Mode "Mix" is tame quickly, since it is the true mode of performance, with the possibility to assign the keyboard instruments simultanment 16 in layer or split zones dfinissables freely.

No need to proccuper of polyphony which is standard! The ergonomics of the operating system is not so horrible that we have read. Navigation through the menus is easy. ACCS was quickly synthse, effects, etc With one click we create a mix or a song. The manual is not great. Little or no examples, no effort of learning. If the manual is sufficient for handling functions Elementals, to go further it must go through the tutorials in English or translated nicely Deweak. If you are like me your in synthse beginners, I recommend the excellent tutorial on synthse VA.

We then have a large mass of sound. The piano sounds are good trs, much more expressive than my arranger. There is also a wide range of organs and guitars. There are trs good acoustic sound, some are excellent same the flutes are gorgeous and I agree compltement. I deprecated nanmoins buying a Fusion for a musician wanting to use only classical sounds.

It is not the purpose of this instrument. Electronic sounds are extremely many, a wide range of basses, leads, and ground effects. Hollowsun with banks, the catalog is endless. Found with surprise the samples of legendary synths, including Vangelis CS , the eminence of Jarre, many sounds "Moog". Hollowsun banks are fabulous, the samples of synths trs expressive enchant crateurs electronic music.

The four modules synthse VA, FM, physical modlisation, besides the well sampling sr DCID me for this instrument which is anything but a simple reader sample. For example, synthse modlisation analog oscilloscope offers 3, 8 LFOs, envelopes 8. The sound palette is so broad and a professional quality if we find something to call without entering the programming.

Although sr, we can easily rcuprer samples on the net or via the sampler is Intgr aisment affordable. I was looking for a synthtiseur complter my Yamaha arranger, with a small Bugdet maximum euros. In fact, it was by chance I saw on the price of MusicStore Fusion and I struggled to believe given the impressive list of features. I really like:.


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