Her thesis on Jackie magazine was published, re-printed and translated into several languages. In particular, she wanted to investigate the problem of romance and feminine conformity connected to the everyday phenomena of girls magazines. This approach led to papers on the culture of femininity, romance, pop music and teenybop culture, the teenage magazine Jackie and so on. Her thesis on Jackie magazine explored the ideologies of working class patriarchy embedded in popular culture aimed at gender-neutral readers, and identified the centrality of romantic individualism. She argued that in understanding constructions on juvenile subcultures, it was important to consider the private sphere of domesticity as much as the public scene as at the time, access to mobility and public spaces was more restricted for girls than for boys.

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Weaving together analyses of culture, economics, politics and everyday life, this is a superb demonstration of why cultural studies matters, and of why McRobbie remains one of its most original and important contributors. She argues for a form of feminism that is aware of the contemporary complexities of global media culture while still attentive to political questions of identity, engagement and justice.

The Afternath of Feminism is highly sophisticated and theoretically informed, yet also readable and inspiring. It is essential reading for anyone interested in contemporary cultural politics. Claire Colebrook University of Edinburgh Angela McRobbie has written a courageous and much-needed book, exploring the after-effects of the shift to neoliberalism in which young women today can appear to have everything they wanted, presented in an array of choice and empowerment.

She interrogates its dark underbelly and exposes the huge losses for women that ensue. Psychology of Women Review Angela McRobbie is one of the most prolific and inspiring feminist theorists in the wide field of cultural and media studies Read the full review here. International Journal of Communication Best book on the topic and it worked brilliantly for my class.

Mrs Elizabeth Bridgen Media Studies, De Montfort University February 7, Report this review I am hoping that this book will be a valuable resource for my students when they are trying to understand concepts of female agency, the body and beauty practices. The examples make this book quite accessible, but the discussion of theory is complex and demanding, so I will be interested to see how readable my students find it.


Angela McRobbie on the Illusion of Equality for Women

Tojatilar Consumer culture, she argues, encroaches on the terrain of so called female freedom, appears supportive of female success only to tie women into new post-feminist neurotic dependencies. From Jackie to Just 17McRobbie constructed a progressive cultural shift that reflected gains in new sexual freedoms and power for young women. Works Cited Driver, Susan. More Information Less Information. Second Edition Palgrave, She is particularly interested in the future of feminism outside of academic institutions. The Aftermath of Feminism: This new regime of mcorbbie power requires the consent and participation of young women in the rejection of feminism.


Angela McRobbie

Has equality for women been achieved? Feminism has apparently achieved many of its aims. Some of the obvious inequalities between men and women seem to have been removed in recent decades. But have they?

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