This can be done through personal purchases or through retail and preferred customer sales. All commissions are paid weekly. Sell some ASEA and increase your earnings! As an Associate, you can purchase ASEA products at the wholesale price, sell them at the retail price, and then pocket the difference. The volume generated from retail sales is CV Commissionable Volume per case and counts towards personal volume requirements and is added to your lesser volume leg. To receive this bonus you must be active generating PV in a month.

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In each personal sponsorship tree leg, each personally sponsored Associate begins a new leg, and a generation ends with a qualified ranked Associate of Bronze Executive or higher. The great news is that there are no limits to the width of your personal sponsorship tree, so you can continue to add more legs in order to add Associates to your generations! The example in Figure 3 will help you understand how the Check Match works within the sponsorship tree.

This means that you will earn the Check Match through two generations on each of your four personal sponsorship legs. Once a qualified Bronze Executive or above is found on any leg, it completes the first generation for that particular leg. As you can see, 1, 2, 3, and 4 are your personally sponsored Associates and are blue first generation.

In these legs there are additional Associates underneath them that are blue, since they also count as your first generation. In this example, A, B, C, and D, which are blue or first generation, are qualified as Bronze Executives or above and therefore they complete the first generation for each sponsorship leg. In this example, you will earn a Check Match on 13 Associates blue for your first generation match. As a Silver Executive you can earn two generations of Check Match, so you would also earn the match on the seven Associates who are represented by the color green your second generation.

However, you will not earn a match on the Associate represented by the color orange, since E qualified as a Bronze Executive or higher and completes the second generation. In order to earn a match on your third generation you would need to qualify as a Gold Executive. As you increase in rank, more generations will be added into your Check Match commission. The breakdown of generations included in your CM is as follows: Bronze 1 generation , Silver 2 generations , Gold 3 generations , Platinum 4 generations , Diamond 5 generations , Double Diamond 6 generations , and Triple Diamond 7 generations.

As you can see, increasing your rank only increases the number of generations you can benefit from with Check Match!

Bronze Executives and above must be active with at least PV to earn CM, and weekly commissions from CM cannot exceed the volume from your lesser volume leg. This program is recommended so that no Associate will miss a qualification period by missing an order.

There are two factors that affect the carry over allowed. The most that can be carried over annually is limited to 2 million CV.

For those Associates that have reached the maximum payout in Team Commission and have volume above the maximum being carried over on the lesser leg, they can use the carry over on the lesser leg for Team Commissions provided they are bringing new volume into their lesser leg. The allowable payout on the carried over volume on the lesser leg is 1 volume of carried over volume for every 4 points of new volume.

The weekly commission period runs from Saturday at a. Eastern Time to Friday at p. Eastern Time. CV is determined by adding up all orders underneath you placed on that leg for that period. Each order is assigned a commissionable amount that may be different than the qualifying amount and price of the item.

A PC is not designed for redistribution or resale, but rather personal consumption. PV Personal Volume is the volume from product purchases attributed to your business center, which qualify an Associate to receive commissions. Their personally enrolled Associates are the second level in the sponsorship tree, and so on. Please visit www.


ASEA Compensation Plan



Compensation Plan





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