Traduzione di Rossana Lanfredi Tutti i diritti sono riservati incluso il diritto di riproduzione integrale o parziale in qualsiasi forma. I dolci pendii delle Cheviot Hills si strinsero intorno a lui come le braccia di una madre. Londra era ormai lontana e dopo sedici, lunghi anni Royce tornava in territori a lui familiari. Territori aviti. Si chiese ancora una volta se a generare le basi della frattura tra lui e suo padre non fosse stata proprio la loro tradizione di abitanti di una terra di confine, in origine conquistata dopo molte battaglie, quindi sancita da un atto reale, e alla fine legalmente annullata, ma mai davvero tolta e ancor meno ceduta. Pur accecato dalla rabbia, Royce non aveva mancato di notare quel come se.

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Shelves: info-full , reviewed , genre-romance-historical-england , , series-bastion-club , published , stars-2 There were some parts of this book that I really enjoyed, but on the whole, I found it to be a rather disappointing conclusion to a pretty good series. It ended up being nothing like I thought it would be and nowhere near as engaging as the past book in the series. The story does deal with past events of the series and utilizes past characters, but the plot and romance itself are pretty self-sufficient.

So I think a There were some parts of this book that I really enjoyed, but on the whole, I found it to be a rather disappointing conclusion to a pretty good series. So I think a read could probably read it as a stand-alone and not miss too much.

Mastered By Love, eighth book in the Bastion Club series, is the long awaited story featuring the mysterious Dalziel, aka Royce Varisey. Royce was the only son of a large dukedom, but then he decided to work for the government, managing a network of spies. It went against everything his father believed in and so he all but disowned Royce. Royce defaulted to an alternate identity, Dalziel and worked for many long years helping to defeat France and Napolean.

He travels to his ancestral home to assume the reigns It soon becomes apparent that Royce will have to marry sooner rather than later in order to secure the dukedom.

And the only woman that draws him is Minerva. Who was he? Why was his identity such a secret? Who was the last traitor? How would it all work out?

I was dying to answer all those questions. Royce was just so interesting and I wanted to know more about him. Well, I got the answers to the questions, but the story left me wanting. Mostly it was rather drab, boring and repetitive. This series, up to this point, has fallen more into the Historical Romantic Suspense category than pure Historical Romance. Each story has had a romance as well as a suspense plot typically dealing with ferreting out a government traitor.

The stories were engaging, multi-focused, and romantic. I really enjoyed that the books were that way. This book had only the romance going for it. Which is the biggest reason I found it disappointing.

Coming into this book, there was one last aspect of the suspense element of the series that needed to be addressed: who was the final traitor? So I was thinking, expecting, that this book would be about Royce tracking down the last traitor and meeting his soullmate along the way, as well as assuming his rightful place in society.

Well, I was wrong to expect that. The whole traitor thing was mostly just a minor detail of the book. It hardly got any attention at all and was more of a sidenote than anything else. For something that was such a huge deal throughout the series, it was really weird and dumb to have it reduced to almost nothing. And because of that, the book had almost no suspense element at all.

There was a smidge, but not enough to give the book that "what will happen next? I just found that so disappointing. I wanted a lot more out of this part of the story. Aside from that, I found the book to be rather wordy and too full of narrative at times. Not enough dialogue and interaction. I got bored reading pages of long paragraphs. The sex scenes were rather steamy and some might say bordering on explicit. Which was a plus, in my opinion ; But they were also rather numerous.

Once Royce and Minerva do the deed for the first time, it seems to be all they do. After the first few times I started skimming the scenes because it got boring and repetitive. Even so, I enjoyed the romance between Royce and Minerva.

Like the other heroines in the series, Minerva was a strong, feisty girl and not some silly simpering miss of the time. Her interactions with Royce were enjoyable to read and reading how the two slipped into love was great.

Their personalities worked well together. Really, that the romance was the only part of the book that mostly worked for me. Everything else came up lacking. I had been looking forward to this book so much Just a total and complete disappointment. Maybe given it 3. But having read the past books, and having come into it with a lot of expectations that in the end were not met, I can only give it two stars.


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