In the example below, Ethernet port 1 is used. Consult your network administrator to obtain the IP address. In the example below the default directory number 0 has been modified to be used as a prefix. Update the exchange Log on to the exchange and update the exchange by pressing the SendAll button.

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When dialing 0 on an intercom station the first available line will be granted. Endpoint Phone Number Table If there are unused lines, leave the fields for that line blank. Dial external phone number when gateway is accessed If you want to automatically call one fixed external phone number when the gateway is accessed from the Pulse system, you need to add a manipulation rule for outgoing calls.

Click on the Add icon, a new dialog will pop up. Do not change any parameters on the Rule tab. On the Action tab, change the following parameters: Stripped Digits From Left: should be the length of gateway directory number. Prefix to Add: should be the actual telephone number you wish to dial.

Number manipulation Leave the other settings unchanged and click on Submit. Configure incoming calls from outside lines You can choose between three different ways of handling an incoming call from the telephone line: Selective Dialing Delayed Automatic Dialing Selective Dialing A second dial tone will be presented when calling in, and the user can dial the desired intercom number.

Automatic Dialing In the example above, incoming calls on line 1 and 2 are routed to station 12, and calls on line 3 and 4 are routed to station Delayed Automatic Dialing. Here number 12 will be dialed after the hotline delay. Display the Navigation Tree in Full View. The default value is 16 seconds. The far end disconnect signal is not mandatory and this could create problems.

If the Far End Disconnect signal is not sent to or properly detected by the SIP Gateway, the connection will not be released by the unit, thus freezing the FXO line in the off hook state. It should be around ms. If this is the case, you also need to adjust the DCT setting on the AudioCodes as the default value is ms.

Add this parameter to the. This method is slightly less reliable than the previous one. These tones are region specific and telephone exchange dependent. Timeout of Conversation As an additional safety to prevent lines from accidentally locking up, it is recommended to enable a timeout of conversation.

If this time expires, both sides of the call are released IP and Tel. The valid range is 0 to The default is 0 no limitation. Timeout of Conversation DTMF Input from outside line During a conversation between a Pulse station and a telephone, the telephone operator can activate an output in the Pulse System by pressing a digit on the phone. Some of the SIP Gateway parameters are configurable through the ini configuration file only and not via the Web. The CountryCoefficients parameter that determines the line characteristics must be configured via the ini configuration file.

The procedure to modify the ini file: Get the ini file from the gateway using the Embedded Web Server. The example below shows the settings for Norway Load the modified ini file back to the gateway using the button Browse to select the modified file, then select Send INI File. This method preserves the programming that already exists in the device, including special default values that were preconfigured when the unit was manufactured.

Country codes The default value is 70 United States.


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AudioCodes MP114/118 (Pulse)


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