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Description[ edit ] Historical: War of is a book that details the events of the War of It begins with a historical synopsis of the event and a description of the major characters. The bulk of the book is taken up with descriptions of the individual battles in a style very similar manner to that pioneered in FedCom Civil War.

A deployment table provides at-a-glance data for the movements of each unit through the two "waves" that comprised the war.

A rules annex provides information for Gamemasters and players who wish to set a game or campaign in this war. His goal was to simultaneously capture half of the Capellan Confederation , which would sideline the power of House Liao for decades, and launch a union that would lead to the formation of the largest, strongest interstellar power since the original Star League : the Federated Commonwealth.

But the Fox was not content with his success, and a scant decade later moved to crush his age-old enemy, House Kurita. In April , forces of Houses Davion and Steiner moved to slay an apparently weakened Dragon—only to face a fury of teeth and claws. The first in a new series, the Historical: War of campaign sourcebook details the action involving every line unit in this pivotal war. Wave maps and full regiment listings convey additional details, while amply campaign rules provide a framework allowing players to replay every laser shot and autocannon blast.


Record Sheets: 3039

Description[ edit ] Technical Readout: is the latest book to provide technical data for units before the recovery of LosTech and the technological renaissance that accompanied such events as the recovery of the Gray Death Memory Core and the Clan Invasion. This mammoth tome comes from the perspective of the s looking back on the beginning of the War of and includes the Unseen BattleMechs , combat vehicles , aerospace fighters , conventional fighters , and Star League BattleMechs downgrades. In the Successor Lords launched a series of massive conflicts that would rage for centuries and become known as The Succession Wars. Such endless warfare has taken its toll and by the Fourth Succession War of , the technology employed on the battlefields is a mere shadow of the height of the Star League. However, the discovery of the Helm Memory Core is beginning to unlock such sought-after secrets, with new BattleMechs and experimental technologies starting to make a debut for the first time in centuries. Each machine is illustrated in detail, accompanied by a description of its history, capabilities, game stats, along with their most famous pilots.


Record Sheets: 3039 Unabridged


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