Background[ edit ] The name Bastami means "from Bastam". All of them were ascetics. Bayazid was the son of Tayfur. Although he remained in isolation from the material world, he did not isolate himself from the Sufi realm.

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He was an impetuous soldier, earning the nickname Lightning in a battle against the Karamanids. Immediately after obtaining the throne, he had his younger brother strangled to avoid a plot. Efforts to unify Anatolia[ edit ] Meanwhile, the sultan began unifying Anatolia under his rule. Forcible expansion into Muslim territories could endanger the Ottoman relationship with the gazis , who were an important source of warriors for this ruling house on the European frontier. So Bayezid began the practice to first secure fatwas, or legal rulings from Islamic scholars, justifying their wars against these Muslim states.

However he suspected the loyalty of his Muslim Turkoman followers, for Bayezid relied heavily on his Serbian and Byzantine vassal troops to perform these conquests. His major rival Sulayman, the emir of Karaman , responded by allying himself with the ruler of Sivas , Kadi Burhan al-Din and the remaining Turkish beyliks. At this point, Bayezid accepted peace proposals from Karaman , concerned that further advances would antagonize his Turkoman followers and lead them to ally with Kadi Burhan al-Din.

Once peace had been made with Karaman, Bayezid moved north against Kastamonu which had given refuge to many fleeing from his forces, and conquered both that city as well as Sinop. From to he conquered Bulgaria and northern Greece.

On the urgings of the Byzantine emperor Manuel II Palaeologus a new crusade was organized to defeat him. This proved unsuccessful: in the Christian allies, under the leadership of the King of Hungary and future Holy Roman Emperor in Sigismund , were defeated in the Battle of Nicopolis. Bayezid built the magnificent Ulu Cami in Bursa, to celebrate this victory.

Thus the siege of Constantinople continued, lasting until In Asia, his domains extended to the Taurus Mountains. His army was considered one of the best in the Islamic world.

In , the sultan conquered the Djanik emirate and the territory of Burhan al-Din, violating the accord with Timur. Finally, Bayezid occupied Elbistan and Malatya. In , the Turco-Mongol warlord Timur succeeded in rousing the local Turkic beyliks who had been vassals of the Ottomans to join him in his attack on Bayezid, who was also considered one of the most powerful rulers in the Muslim world during that period.

Years of insulting letters had passed between Timur and Bayezid. Shall a petty prince such as you are contend with us? But your rodomontades braggadocio are not extraordinary; for a Turcoman never spake with judgement. Many writers claim that Bayezid was mistreated by the Timurids.


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