Beschreibung bei Amazon Tammara Webber is an American author. She writes novels in the young adult or new adult fiction genre. She has worked as an economics tutor, a radiology call center rep, planetarium office manager, and tanning salon employee. She is a former academic adviser for undergraduates at the University of Texas, where she worked before choosing to become a full-time author. Webber married her high school sweetheart and together they have three grown children as well as four cats.

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I was excited to finally get around to reading it. Here are my thoughts on each of the four books in the series. Between the Lines is told in two perspectives.

She was an almost eighteen year old who was cast in a movie along side Reid, one of the hottest young stars of the moment. I liked Emma a lot. She seemed like a teenager trying to figure life out. I hated Reid. He was a tool and a jerk.

It was really hard reading his thoughts and choices. He is what made me not love this book — along with the fact that there is a third player in this story. As this book comes to an end, big secrets are exposed and the triangle is sorted out. In the end, this one felt a big set up for the rest of the series to me. Well, it becomes a love square as Brooke jumps in on the action and increases the drama.

I still hated Reid, but he did do one thing I respected. I loved Emma. Graham turned out to be a total sweetheart. Brooke…I loved her last book, but now I feel as good about her as I do Reid.

Where you Are was a wild ride. I mean, the guy is a total turd. I wanted him to change himself. That being said, I liked who Reid became.

He grew up. It was refreshing to see him come to some conclusions about himself. Dori was okay. I liked all the stuff she had to go through. Everything came full circle for the remaining cast of characters. I loved how it was done. I also really loved how Tammara Webber wrote River. This ended up being an interesting celebrity coming of age series. Share this:.


Tammara Webber

Shajas Emma is a likeable, down-to-earth narrator, Reid hhe waaay more likeable than he should be because Webber gives him colour and dimension, and Graham is utterly cool, laidback and hot. Determined to have her best friend fall in love with her, Brooke schemes to get Graham away from Emma. Between the Lines Between the Lines, 1 by Tammara Webber This is such a perfect read for lounging out in the sun and kicking back. Preview — Between the Lines by Tammara Webber.


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