On this feast day after of St. People love metaplot. People hate metaplot. Metaplot — interconnected stories between books that reference one another and move the setting forward — provides a rich story and context within a larger world. Over thirteen years, Vampire: the Masquerade amassed a tremendous wealth of interesting canon characters and timeline events that shook the World of Darkness as it slouched towards Gehenna.

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This book tells the story of Tiamat, a Ventrue Embraced prior to recorded history. Tiamat is one of the most evil beings on the face of the earth. Bloody Hearts, like the previous Diablerie book, gives characters the opportunity to discover the whereabouts of a powerful Methuselah, enter the tomb where she has slept for centuries, and drink her blood.

Furthermore, Tiamat harbors an ancient and terrible secret in her breast. Her secret will only be revealed once she awakens, and then it may be too late. Bloody Hearts contains four chapters and an appendix. This introduction presents the Justicars and their deadly spies and servants, the Archons.

Finally, herein is Madame Guil, a powerful, young Justicar who can appear in chronicles or who can inspire a Storyteller to build his own Justicar chronicle. Chapter Two is the story of Tiamat. It describes the dark road she has traveled down the ages, one that has brought her to her barrow. Chapter Three suggests how to involve the characters in Bloody Hearts and how to get them to England so they can meet Tiamat face to face. The appendix discusses Gehenna, when the oldest vampires will awaken.

When or if this event will ever happen is a source of much conjecture among the Kindred. Mortius, a revered Tremere scholar, shares his notes on an ancient text that may reveal a fraction of the truth. Blood Justice At last! The clear trail of the man. After it, silent but it tracks his guilt to light. When hunter turns on hunter, however, all are at risk.

Those who dare to hunt cannibal lntroduction 7 Kindred are the Justicars. Justicars are usually of great age and power, and their ferocity is unparalleled. Few can stand against them and fewer still would dare to try. There are but seven Justicars and they cannot be everywhere at once. True, the Justicars have many servants. However, many more vampires seek to violate the Masquerade - or worse, slay another vampire and drink her blood.

The only way for the Justicars to stem the rising tide of diablerie is to stop these crimes before they happen. The way they achieve this is through fear. The Justicars cultivate terror. They wield it as a weapon and few vampires are more adroit in its use. The coming of a Justicar is a great event. The prince must quickly patch up all of his quarrels with the elders and prepare.

The elders must hide all of their little indiscretions. Even as the elders hide their minor crimes, the anarchs prepare for war. Few anarchs have not committed some crime against the Camarilla and few are willing to cower and beg forgiveness.

Frequently, the Justicar has come for but a single vampire or single coterie, and has no interest in any other crimes. A justicar cannot waste her time with every little infraction of the rules ; only capital crimes are worthy of her attention.

It is through their punishments that the justicars spread fear. Justicar punishments are always inventive and cruel. Justicars are feared not only for their power and age, but also for their creativity and cunning. Only the strongest vampires can escape the clutches of a Justicar.

Justicars are the prototypical Mikados : the punishment must fit the crime. It is not enough for a vampire who slays another vampire to be slain in return. She must be killed in an inventive way. For instance, a vampire found guilty of diablerie might be tied to a table and drained to a single Blood Point. The Diabolist takes nights to die and writhes in hellish agony the entire time. Punishments such as the above frighten even the killers of Kindred, and are how a Justicar maintains a reign of terror that can cover several continents.

The Justicars often unofficially compete to see who can invent the most creative punishments. Many punishments are magical in nature and often involve trapping or torturing the soul of the offender. Justicars often decorate themselves with jewels and stones, and rumor has it that each stone holds the soul of a Diabolist.

While this is unlikely, it does inspire fright. Justicars often use others to torture a Diabolist. For instance, it is rumored that a Justicar once locked a Diabolist in a tomb with his vampire lover. The two slowly went mad with want of blood and fought one another. Finally, the Diabolist slew his lover and drank her blood and spirit. When released from the charnel prison he went mad and spent hours haunting that same tomb for years, gibbering quietly to himself. Creativity is the key.

You consume another, so you will be consumed. If you eat the spirit of another, so your spirit will be eaten. If you slay the love of another, so you will slay your love. Thus, the Justicars maintain control and frighten into submission those who would break a Tradition, particularly the Sixth Tradition. Methods The easiest method to detect a Diabolist is to observe her aura and search for the black, tainted lines.

If such an aura is seen, a Justicar may simply pass judgment immediately. For this reason, most Diabolists do not even want to meet a Justicar or Archon face to face.

Aura Perception is not the only means by which a Diabolist can be detected. The easiest and most commonly used method is simply to ask. Though effective, this method carries its own dangers. Kindred often try to use a justicar to persecute their enemies and help their allies, no matter who is guilty or innocent.

To guard against this, many Justicars have learned a Thaumaturgical ritual enabling them to sense the truth. Few other Kindred have learned this ritual, but it is invaluable to Justicars, and it has saved more than one innocent Kindred.

Storytellers may wish to add this ritual to their chronicles, though it is generally recommended only for Archon chronicles. The Justicars often hold courts to pass sentence on suspected criminals.

Each Justicar follows her own style in holding these courts, and each court has its own rules and regulations. Some Justicars hold court in an Old World style, wherein the prisoner is displayed prominently while witnesses are arraigned against him.

These Justicars rarely listen to the prisoner. Other Justicars simply gather information until they are satisfied and then carry out their sentence on the offender. At least one Justicar is said to hold courts wherein Cloak of Blood Many Licks would give much for a way to conceal the black stains left on their auras by diablerie.

Fortunately, there is a ritual to accomplish this effect : the Cloak of Blood. It is only a Level One ritual, easily performed by a neonate, but the ingredients and effort required make it very difficult. After the seventh night, the Diabolist inscribes a rune on her chest, in her own blood the Diabolist or another may perform the actual ritual. Then the Diabolist must take blood from an innocent mortal. The blood must be freely given and not taken through violence, force or coercion.

Deception is the usual method. This can be very difficult, for the Diabolist is extremely low on blood at this point and is likely to go into a frenzy, drinking her fill by force rather than guile. No longer are the black blotches invisible, although the number of Auspex successes required to detect the marks is still raised by one per remaining Blood Point. Needless to say, if diablerie is committed after the ritual is cast, all benefits are lost and the black lines are more visible than ever.

The use of this ritual itself often causes Humanity loss, as the deception and possible death of an innocent are always involved. True Sight This ritual turns a vampire into an undead polygraph.

It is often used by Justicars to catch Diabolists. Once this ritual is cast, a vampire may double her Perception Attribute with regard to interpersonal relationships. True Sight only detects deliberate, willful lies. If the other party believes he is telling the truth, then what he says will appear to be true. The ritual detects the state of nervousness, not whether the truth was spoken.

Introduction 4 the criminal is innocent until proven guilty, though such leniency would certainly be a rarity among the justicars. The Justicars do not have to hold a court, for they may do as they please ; in many cases there is no trial. The Spies In many cases, a trial will only unearth more lies.

Disciplines can be fooled and witnesses can deceive. This is why the Justicars use Archons. Archons comb the world searching for criminals and especially Diabolists. Anarch gangs, which are often filled with would-be Diabolists, often have an Archon hidden among them. Indeed, entire groups of Diabolists have slain one another in an attempt to remove an Archon whose presence was never verified.


Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path.

This book introduces us to the Ancient Methuselah, Tiamat, and the demon Drakonskyr that possess her. Your coterie will take a terrifying journey to the hard of ancient madness in hopes of claiming the ultimate prize: the soul and power of the ancient damned. This book is designed as a module for 2nd edition Vampire: the Masquerade. Check out our Teepublic site and pick up a Utility Muffin Labs shirt!

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Diablerie (book)

Voodookazahn Lists with This Book. This one looks like it would have a decent chance of killing most anyone foolish enough to try. The Highlander influences show nicely here. Trevor rated it liked it Jan 06, Phil rated it it was ok Mar 24, Progression Tree Skills, professions, magic abilities, etc. The thirst for the most powerful blood can drive any vampire mad with desire.


Bloody Hearts: Diablerie Britain





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