Mijar It takes a near tragedy chros both Joe and Adam to tell each other their true feelings. They are able to edit and improve the Goodreads catalog, and have made it one of the better catalogs online. He soon realizes just how much more Joe means to him than simply a chrks. Dec 06, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: Adam has temporary amnesia from being hit by a car.

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January 1, Sheziss Romance buenrollero! Chris Scully is amongst the second group, and in a space of few pages, no less. This little love story is charming, funny and adorable.

I loved every page of it. I laughed at every joke. And my heart swelled in the most heart-aching moments, because there are some of those, too. Since the moment Adam Romance buenrollero! Since the moment Adam opens his eyes I has connected to him.

Afterwards, he finds out that man is his boyfriend and everything makes sense. But at home the man tells him they are just BFF and that Adam is straight, but he himself is gay. Why are they not together? They fit together! I loved that one so much, I decided to take a chance with her sophomore novella. But a man named Joe is by his side, and tells Adam that Joe is his best friend, and that he will take care of everything.

But Adam feels that Joe is hiding something Amnesia is a tricky subject -- I think some readers find it a "lazy" plot. I, on the other hand, love it. Yes, I love amnesia stories.

I find the emotion between Adam and Joe as honest and intense. These are two people who actually in love with one another, but too afraid to screw up their friendship since they have been best friends for almost twenty years.

When Joe tells their past to Adam, to help Adam remembers things, I am so engaged to that. I want Adam to remember things, I want them to be together so badly. Scully on my radar for her next books. A Xmas gem! I just finished this hrs novella audiobook.

A sweet Christmas story narrated by Jeff Gelder in a delightful way. Mini-audio, thoughtful and refreshing sweetA moderately short charmingly cute —before the upcoming holidays— story.

A perfect short shortie audio to listen to when you cook dinner, cleans up "everything", set the dinner-table, light the candles, etc. He has no memory and there is a man named Joe, who acts like his boyfriend. Tricky, tricky, because Adam feels something. This has an actual workable concept of retrograde amnesia that cleverly moves the story along.

Great chemistry, great secondary characters. Wonderful little Christmas story. Adam wakes up in the hospital with a lot of pain but without his memory. Joe his best friend for the last 18years is there for him every step of the way. January 1, Macky 4. I adored this. Treat yourself because this is Delightful! I think a lot of the blame can be laid at the feet of my current scoffing of high-sucrose Xmas shorts. January 1, Bev What a wonderful read this was, a real little Christmas Cracker!!

Adored it. January 1, Meags 4 StarsAmnesia plotlines are always hit or miss for me. Luckily, this one falls in the hit column. When Adam wakes up in hospital, he finds himself physically broken and mentally confused. The two should definitely be read together, as this first novella ended quite abruptly, leaving me desperate to know what happened next for Adam and Joe view spoiler [, and boy was it worth it hide spoiler ].

January 1, Kelly H. Maybedog This has to be one of the sweetest, most romantic stories I have ever read. Although the theme of amnesia has been overused to death, this one was realistic--a temporary amnesia associated with a concussion that was not drawn out ridiculously long.

Both were good men and I could see why view spoiler [they loved each other. Ada This has to be one of the sweetest, most romantic stories I have ever read. Adam just had been closeted and scared to lose Joe. Easily 5 stars. January 1, Trisha Harrington This is a really lovely short story. I love a good friends to lovers book, add in an injured MC and you have me hooked. Adam and Joe have been friends for 18 years. Joe is out and proud, Adam is straight Or so we are led to believe.

But things have a funny way of coming out. And after an accident that leaves Adam with amnesia, we start to realise he might not be as straight as we have believed. Throw in a wonderful family and some painful memories and you have the basics of this lovely story. This is a really lovely short story. One that I loved. January 1, Jenn Loved it.

Even with the present tense, I adored this short. That being said, I thought this was a perfect pick-me-up for the holidays, and I truly loved all the characters. January 1, Candice 4. That was exactly what I got with this one. I enjoyed how Adam could basically start again because of his lack of memory and see things from a different perspective and realize what is important.

Sweet friends to lovers story with lots of yummy tension! January 1, Sheri It seems I have a sweet spot for amnesia stories. There is just something about the anxiety of what was and what will come that pulls me in every time. An added twist here When Adam gains consciousness he is in extreme pain and it clouds the confusion of his memory loss.

The only thing he is acutely aware of is When he learns that the man who refuses to leave his bedside is not his boyfriend but his best friend It seems I have a sweet spot for amnesia stories.

When he learns that the man who refuses to leave his bedside is not his boyfriend but his best friend he is even more confused. Why is he so deeply disappointed to discover that Joe his angel is gay and he is straight.

Or is he? The best thing about a fresh start is that you can make it how you want it. New beginnings allow you to mold your future to your liking. What Adam wants more than anything is to have Joe by his side. Should he risk crossing the invisible line? What happens if he is wrong? Bit on the short side, but it hooked me from the get go. Family fun, sweet young love and smooth writing. I always enjoy friends to lovers and then GFY? Cherry on top. Unfortunately, it was quite disappointing.

MC Adam wakes up in the hospital after being hit by a car and quickly realizes he has no long term memories from before the accident. He is lovingly tended to by a man named MC Joe who tells Adam that they are roommates and best friends.

As Adam gets better, he realizes that Joe is much more to him tha This was a pick when I was looking for a short friends-to-lovers story. As Adam gets better, he realizes that Joe is much more to him than a friend, but is unable to remember why. As his memory starts to come back, all answers are revealed. The premise for this book sounds fantastic, but the outcome was dry and stale and lacked emotion.

Yes, the boys are both in love with each other, which is awesome, but the big reveal was anti-climatic and then the story ended quite suddenly. Cannot recommend. January 1, Arthur Hhhmmm And guess what? This book has both!


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