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Another reason I have become a little obsessed with shopping on ebay. I thought this girl book would be fun, it would be like a new girl friend, getting to now good and bad about her, how she thinks about life So, I checked it out and I read it in about 6 hours.

Reason it sucked: 1. I was in the library when I walked by this book, while I was looking for another book. So, her prideful continuous description of these clothes she "owned" and was in debt for became ridiculous.

And her constant shopping while in debt, actually started to physically stress me out. Half way into the book I felt really sad because I know that there is so many people who this is their reality. This shallow mindset or consumption of caffeine, sugar, shopping, "fashion" It just seemed to glorify being shallow and reinforce that if and when you are you should keep on being so because: 3. The modern day fairy tale ending for could happen.

Debt paid off, get the job you want, they guy, the clothes, the romance, the money, the fame It grasps on the the romantic notion of what life should be, and could be. It seem to encourage that there is nothing wrong with lying to yourself and others. It reminds of humans I know, who choose to lead the most dramatic, self indulged, objectified, diva lifestyle. I think this book glamorize this attitude, and not matter how you dress that up, there is nothing glamorous about that.

And if I could give a negative star I would. But I know this is not a hateful website.


[PDF] Confessions of a Shopaholic Book by Sophie Kinsella Free Download (368 pages)

Shopaholic is a book series written by Sophie Kinsella and serves the genre named Chick lit. This is a fiction genre which deals with the issues of womanhood in the modern world in a lighthearted and comic manner with a pinch of romance. The series mainly comprises of six books and all of them are international bestsellers. She was born on 12 December and her real name is Madeleine Sophie Wickham. She was working as a financial journalist when she began writing and she also writes under her original name Madeleine Wickham. Details on The Series The books in the series mainly revolve around a woman named Becky Bloomwood who is a financial journalist but is unable to cope up with her own money matters and always find herself short of finance. She is obsessed with shopping and because of her extreme addiction to shopping she falls into a lot of troubles and how her life gets complex consequently is what the series is based on.


Confessions of a Shopaholic

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. We see her receiving a sturdy pair of plain brown shoes and looking enviously at the other girls. We see her looking at older girls trying on dresses and jewelry, and not even needing money for these perfect things as they swipe credit cards. She wanted one of those. Now the adult Rebecca Isla Fisher is walking down the street, saying little did she dream she would one day have twelve. Rebecca "Bex" Bloomwood is a writer for a gardening magazine with a closet full of clothes and accessories, and a lot of debt.


Shopaholic Series




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