Mukhtaran has been represented by panels of lawyers. The MMWWO also provides shelter and legal help for people, often women, who are victims of violence or injustice. English Choose a language for shopping. Shakoor was then arrested on charges of adultery but later released. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Archived from the original on 15 October Contact with Mukhtaran could not be established to know the purpose of her visit to Lahore, because her cellular phone did not respond for hours.

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This review contains some spoilers This is the story of Mukhtar Mai, a Pakastini woman who was raped by four men as part of crime of honour. This is a tit-for-tat revenge system that operates widely in Pakistan. Basically, a woman from the accused family becomes the vehicle for the revenge punishment.

There are three different laws operating in Pakistan. The law of the Jirga or village council, the law of Islam, and the law of Pakistan. These three entities often conflict with one another, and often they are not sympathetic to the plights of women in crimes of honour e. They ruled that what was needed was a public apology by a woman from the accused family, knowing full well they really planned to rape her. No-one else in the meeting could stand up against them.

Her fortunes changed when the local mullah also a member of the Jirga, so someone who had been present during the discussions preceding the rape , gave a sermon about the situation in the mosque, criticizing what had happened. A local journalist was present and he wrote an article about it. Her case went through several courts, though regrettably in the end only one of her rapists was charged, and given a sentence of life imprisonment. The situation in Pakistan for women is not good.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has recorded cases of rape during the last 6 months in Punjab alone. And that is not all Some people who have terrible experiences manage to turn them around, and make them the mounting block for a campaign or humanitarian initiative.

So it was for Mukhtar. The second theme of this book is about the school she started in — the Mukhtar Mai School — in her little home village. With the help of donations from the Pakistan government, Canada and America, it has gone from strength to strength. At the end of the school had 6 teachers — and there were boys and over girls attending the school. Mukhtar herself is only just learning to read, but her experiences with the law courts, and what she has learnt about the oppression facing women, have made her a passionate advocate of education, especially education for women.

It is incredible to think she has been able to achieve so much without even a basic education herself — but she has. It shows an amazing strength of character. I found this book a sobering read. Life in the small villages in Pakistan, run largely by the jirga the all-male village councils , and with women being treated very much as chattels rather than citizens, did not make for cheerful reading.

I felt I learnt a lot though — as often one does about reading about a personal experience rather than just a general article giving statistics……and in that sense it was very positive read.

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Fenrikinos She was led sobbing to detention at a secret location and barred from contacting anyone, mkhtar her lawyer. On 1 Septemberan anti-terrorism court sentenced 6 men including the 4 rapists to death for rape. It is believed that the Mastoi clan have political influence of sufficient weight to bring pressure to bear on the supreme court via establishment and political figures. Mukhtar Mai — Wikipedia Write a customer review. Shakoor was then arrested on charges of adultery but later released. Sankaram sang the lead role of Mai.




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