It has been rewritten only so far as was necessary to conceal personalities. Crowley made a study of drugs and their effects upon the body and mind, experimenting widely himself. Many of his conclusions are present within this novel. Plot[ edit ] The story follows Sir Peter Pendragon a noble, aristocratic World War I veteran pilot who has come into a large inheritance following the death of his paternal uncle. Prior to the war Pendragon had been a medical student, and now finds himself dealing with depression and lacking direction. Pendragon and Laleham quickly fall in love with each other and cocaine.

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The third part completely undermines an exploration into the mind of an addict 17 July This is one of the few books that I would not encourage people to read. While I am not a big fan of the occult, and tend to stay as far away from it as possible, it is not the occult connections that concern me, but rather the conclusion that Crowley reaches with regards to drugs.

The book is about a man who on a night out meets a lady and is then introduced to cocaine. In a single wild night, they get married and run off on the honeymoon, and while on their honeymoon on the continent, are introduced to heroin. While on their honeymoon, their drug experience is, for want of a better word, and experience. However, it all turns sour when they land up in prison in Naples and are sent back to England.

This is where the second part of the book begins, and that is when the honeymoon is over, and this is on two levels, the first being the romantic honeymoon, and the second being the drug honeymoon.

The wild time they experienced on the continent settles down into a hard slog where addiction takes hold. The main character is not poor he is a doctor , but once he had taken the sweet taste of heroin, he simply cannot get enough. They move out of the luxurious suite and into a bug ridden apartment, and go about trying to find their next hit, and even when they do get it, it is nowhere near as good as it was on the honeymoon.

It is the third section of the book that is of the most concern to me. While the first two sections are quite realistic in exploring the life of a drug addict, and the destruction that this life causes, the third section is not about how they overcome their addiction, clean up, and go on to live fruitful lives, but rather how through sheer will, they learn to control the drug, and the use the drug as it is supposed to be used.

This is something an many a drug councillor will confirm this , that one can never control a drug, especially if one is prone to addictions. There are people out there that can control their drug taking, but one can never assume that they are one of those people. This is simply not true, drugs have been used and abused for decades beforehand.


Diary of a Drug Fiend




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