The popular Hanover eatery known for its chicken sandwiches and other delights closes up shop. There are familiar themes, of course: awkward, sauce-stained first dates, lifesaving pit stops made during Derby Day or a pong circuit, hiding the delivery from ravenous onlookers and eating it all in a locked room upstairs. She called 20 times not an exaggeration—she showed me a screenshot of her call log from that night but heard only static. He had dreads and was wearing sunglasses so she made what she thought was a safe assumption and invited him in to smoke with them. The man was so offended that he barely spoke to her again.

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It came with little warning to patrons and employees. Bogosian is working with the state of New Hampshire to help set them up with other employment, she said. Several customers, young and old, either stopped by to grab lunch or to confirm the talk that EBAs had tossed and baked its last pizza.

Each person was met by Bogosian and her sister, Amanda Dowd-DeRoy, who were sitting on a bench in the sunshine and broke the news with a warm embrace and an EBAs T-shirt. He said he will forever miss the homemade ranch dressing, which he bought by the bottle, as well as the dragon juice wings. He worked until 4 a. Several neighboring business owners said they were both sad and shocked to hear of the closing. He recalled eating at the restaurant in his younger years and said the owners would always toss him a lifeline if he ran low on tomatoes, cucumbers or the like.

Dartmouth spokeswoman Diana Lawrence said the restaurant will be greatly missed by many. The restaurant also served alcohol, offered dine-in, take-out, catering, and had a breakfast buffet.

In mid-January, EBAs extended its closing time by an hour to a. Bogosian told the student newspaper that EBAs noticed an impact on late-night sales immediately.

Updated at p. It was a small pizzeria, but there were those of us who loved it.


Best Pizza in Hanover - Ramunto's Brick & Brew Pizza

Following months of financial struggles, local restaurant Everything But Anchovies abruptly closed on May The restaurant was run by EBAs president Maureen Bogosian and her family since , serving pizza, burgers and wings to the Hanover and Dartmouth communities for 38 years. Bogosian declined to comment. I think that hurt EBAs a lot. He added that his business has seen a general uptick in sales from Dartmouth students and faculty since the closure of EBAs. Following the calendar change, faculty and students leave campus before Thanksgiving and return at the start of the winter term in early January. Griffin said that the loss of EBAs was particularly disappointing for the town of Hanover because the town strongly supports locally-owned businesses.

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Hanover ‘Institution’ Everything But Anchovies Abruptly Closes Its Doors After 38 Years


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