Vikings[ edit ] The Vikings are very similar to their real world counterparts, but in many ways are easier to relate to than other groups of people. A mixture of farmers, craftsmen and warriors that glorify battle, but are trustworthy allies. Among the peoples of Everworld they are easy to get along with and motivate into needed action instead of bickering amongst themselves. They are also the most cosmopolitan of Everworld humans, as they readily accept people of other races into their ranks African, Asian, etc.

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Shelves: fantasy , ya , fantasy-portal If Jalil is the most sympathetic member of this group, then Christopher is probably the most despicable. I mean, what are you, just stupid? How smart is that? She had to have some long-legged, lean, muscular, sweet-natured, incredibly handsome, barely-dressed stud-muffin? I mean, yeah, guys think that way. But I expected more of April. Whatever happened to the idea of women caring more about sense of humor and inner beauty? Ganymede had no sense of humor at all.

Unlike, say, me. Being close to Ganymede did. I mean, to each his own, right? Just not around me. I was still pissed at him. I mean, I tried to get along with Jalil, but any little joke and I was the bad guy all of a sudden. So yeah, Christopher is a bigoted little shit who Aside from the utterly unlikeable protagonists, one of my biggest complaints about this series is that the portrayal of the pantheons and cultures tends to come across as oversimplified, and reflects more of our own cultural prejudices than it does the historical reality.

I talked in my reviews of the previous books about the portrayal of the Vikings as unwashed barbarians, the Aztecs as bloodthirsty savages, and Hel as a man-eating sadist, and that trend continues here with Dionysus, whose portrayal seemed to be drawn more from Fantasia than from actual Greek mythology.

The one who punished women who were too prudish to come out and party with him by turning them into bats. And while I would expect this degree of oversimplified cutesifying from Disney, I certainly did not expect it from K. So yeah, even despite or perhaps because of the unrelenting horror, the foray into Hetwan territory was a much-needed breath of fresh air. Applegate has always been at her very best when worldbuilding her own original alien cultures as opposed to her attempts to explore preexisting historical ones, which always come across as just a little bit off.

We got to see a Hetwan mating ritual which, unsurprisingly, looks very, very different from human sex , we got a glimpse of the Hetwan social and religious structure, and we finally got to see Ka Anor. Also, whatever our protagonists might have thought of them, the Hetwan themselves came across not as evil or actively malicious, but rather as incomprehensible.

See, I want a bit more of this Yes, there was immense danger at every corner, but the majority of the book involved running from the Hetwan. Run run run, almost die, run run run, meet a Greek god, run run run. So hearing his thoughts is always entertaining. It makes him a bit more likable. It was okay, but not quite as exciting as the other books.

Dionysus is a funny characters, though While Dionysus appears for the first time and the four travelers get to have a bit of a fight from time to time, this book is primarily a transition book. We are simply moving from one place to the next. Now I have to wait until BookMooch or SwapTree makes it possible for me to get the next book in the series I hate books.

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Fear the Fantastic

May 12, Mary rated it liked it. We finally get to see him! Wandering into Hetwan country, Christopher and the gang have no choice but to keep moving forward and hope for the best. The next they find themselves sitting in the middle of history class. Again, I will keep reading. Now David was siding with Jalil, who was just mad because his brilliant plan had been voted down.


Fear the Fantastic


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