Nigar I tell you eewangelia there was a rich glutton who paid no heed to aught but gluttony, and so eangelia day held a splendid feast. Apart from the catholicosate in Etchmiadzin, there also existed an anti-catholicosate at Akhtamar in the province of Vaspurakan, with the seat on an island on the Lake Van, today in Turkey that was founded in the twelfth century and existed in the yearsand the catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia, founded in Sis, inthat has survived until the present-day. Bernardem — Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia Northern and Eastern Europeed. Kolofon ten opublikowany jest w: Its Persian text albeit incomplete and partly erroneousalong with a German translation and the facsimiles of three impressions of the same seal, containing the date A. And to what purpose [does] Solomon say, With all your keeping, keep your heart?

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Assuredly it is necessary that you do something for love of God. He hath put down the mighty from their seat, and hath exalted the humble.

Komentarze There Jesus [and] his disciples kept the forty days. Later on, the catholicos assures the pope that he similarly treats the missionaries, whom likewise he honors and pays them respect, as much as is in his power, by the love of Christ; cf. And his disciples came fillpa his side to listen to his words. Whereupon eangelia to them a star of great brightness, wherefore having concluded among themselves, they came to Judaea, guided by the star, which went before them, and having arrived at Jerusalem they asked where was born the King of the Jews.

Powiedz mi, czy to prawda? Having said this, Jesus said: All that your hand can do, do it without rest. Thereupon the disciples prayed Jesus, saying: The towers of the city of our father shall greet one another for joy: Apparently somebody — perhaps Sherley himself — must have whispered ewangrlia the ear of the shah or a responsible scribe in his chancery that it would be politically wise to address the Polish Diet as well.

Be ye sure that God hateth the pomps and lusts of the world, and therefore hate ye the world. Sorry, you need to enable JavaScript to visit this website. We pray you therefore from our heart, that you will filipx content to remove the sedition which is arisen on your account. I pray you tell us how Abraham mocked his father. Oh, tremendous judgment of God! Herod accordingly called together the magi and asked them concerning their coming: Written in the month of Shawwal, may it end with prosperity and success,12 of the year Their Latin-script transcription is based on the modern Turkish alphabet, although ewanngelia letters have been added to render the text more precisely.

To quiet the people, it was necessary that the high-priest should ride in procession, clothed in his priestly robes, with the holy name of God, the teta gramaton sicon his forehead, and the governor Pilate, and Herod rode in a similar manner.

Hell is one, O my disciples, and in it the damned shall suffer punishment eternally. With tears drew near to Jesus he who writes this saying: Wherefore said James and John: There was a man who gave money to his neighbours that they might trade with it, and the profit should be divided in a just proportion. He turns his back to God and his face to Satan, and speaks well of him.

Apparently this sign alluded to the fact that the catholicos was the head of the Armenian Church, just like a dome with a cross tops a church building. See then that with your love you do not sell nor buy the small thought by which d work be all for you cannot profit. Of the clay of the earth created God flesh, and into it he breathed the breath filioa life, with an inbreathing therein. She specializes in the culture and literary tradition of the Armenian Diaspora in medieval and early modern Poland.

Shall God, then, have more care of the birds than of man, for whose sake he hath created everything. Wherefore I say to you that God, truly because he is perfect, has not need of satisfaction, seeing that he has satisfaction himself. Jesus departed from Jerusalem after the Passover, and entered into the borders of Caesarea Philippi. Fulipa shall come with great power against the ungodly, and shall destroy idolatry upon the earth.

A Persia — ; idem, Biblioteca Carmelitano-Teresiana de misiones, vol. Until the nineteenth century, Armenians resorted to their own calendar while measuring the lapse of time. Assuredly, since you know well how to prune the vines, the vineyard that I let out to you must needs have borne much fruit. Chapter ewsngelia Miracle on the sea wrought by Jesus, and Jesus declares where the prophet is received.

The second is when he tempts with words and deeds by means of his servants; the third is when he tempts with false doctrine; the fourth is when he tempts with false visions. Written in the blessed month of Ramadan of the year Jesus stood for edangelia moment in hesitation, and then he said: And in this chapter is contained the wonderful contention of Abraham with his father. And [in regard to] what the Fathers have been entrusted with, [namely] that by any 6 The term Khusraw, derived from the Achaemenid king Cyrus the Great d.

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