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It is housed in a compact, low-profile enclosure for placement behind flat-panel displays, and offers several features for streamlining integration and enhancing system operation, including Auto Input Memory, Auto-Image? It can also be used in systems where consolidation of various source signals to a single, common output resolution is desired.

An on-screen display facilitates display of information pertaining to the incoming signal and adjustment of picture settings, including positioning, size, zoom, brightness, contrast, and detail. Internal test patterns are available for calibration and setup. Configurations can be conveniently saved and recalled from up to three memory presets from the front panel, and up to 16 additional presets through RS serial control.

When the signal is recognized again from a newly connected source, image settings are automatically restored. Auto-Image, a feature common to many Extron scalers and signal processors, allows for quick and easy setup of incoming analog RGB signals. It is housed in a 1" high, half rack width enclosure that allows for discreet installation, such as behind a flat panel display or above a projector.

It can also be automatically selected based on the display EDID, or set to match the incoming signal rate. This feature can reduce the number of required outputs for a matrix switcher, lowering system cost while improving manageability. When the same signal is detected again, these image settings are automatically recalled from memory.

HDMI output selectable as RGB or component video Picture controls for brightness, contrast, detail, horizontal and vertical positioning, sizing, and zoom Memory presets - Three memory presets are available to store and recall sizing, centering, detail, contrast, and brightness information. An additional 16 memory presets are available via RS serial control. On-screen display - The RGB-HDMI A features an on-screen display which displays status information pertaining to the currently selected input, and facilitates easy adjustment of picture settings.

Extron products use the SIS? Internal test patterns for calibration and setup - Nine test patterns are available, including a crop pattern, color bars, alternating pixels, and four film aspect ratio patterns - 1. Front panel security lockout - This feature locks out all front panel functions; all functions however, are available through RS control.

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Extron RGB-HDMI 300 A (60-1074-01)





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