Sus dos libros principales, Contra el mйtodo Against method y La ciencia en un mundo libre Science in a Free World son ya obras clбsicas; sus numerosos y extensos artнculos recientemente editados en dos volъmenes por la Cambridge University Press son lectura obligada para todo el que quiere estar bien informado sobre lo que ocurre hoy en el campo, y su estilo literario es claro, ingenioso y seductoramente agresivo, sobre todo cuando responde a sus crнticos. De acuerdo con sus notas autobiogrбficas incluidas en La ciencia Feyerabend nunca estudiу formalmente filosofнa de la ciencia; sus intereses como estudiante fueron, en orden cronolуgico y de importancia, el teatro, la fнsica y la astronomнa. Educado en Alemania en los terribles primeros aсos de la posguerra, entre y , fue testigo de la brutal reacciуn post-nazi cuyos excesos no eran muy diferentes a los cometidos por los propios nazis y conservу un profundo interйs en el anбlisis de los factores que de una u otra manera pueden contribuir a limitar la libertad del individuo y la sociedad. Despuйs de la guerra Feyerabend disfrutу de una beca del Estado alemбn para estudiar en el Instituto para la Renovaciуn Metodolуgica del Teatro Alemбn, en Weimar, las clases consistнan en ver obras teatrales y discutirlas. Al aсo siguiente Feyerabend fue a Viena a estudiar historia, pero al mismo tiempo se interesу en la fнsica y la astronomнa, asн como en la filosofнa; fue miembro fundador del Cнrculo de Kraft, un club-filosуfico formado alrededor de Viktor Kraft, quien habнa sido miembro del Cнrculo de Viena.

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Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature. He illustrates this stance on the dust jacket of one of his books, Against Methodby publishing his horoscope in the place usually reserved for a biographical sketch of the author. Entrevista realizada por Christian Delacampagne. La conquista de la abundancia. Review of Patterns of Discovery. Dialectical Materialism and the Quantum Theory. En Realism, rationalism and scientific method volume 1: Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 16, pp.

Review of Erkenntnislehre by Victor Kraft. Alchemy Criticism of science Epistemology Faith and rationality History and philosophy of science History of science History of evolutionary thought Logic Metaphysics Pseudoscience Relationship between religion and science Rhetoric of science Sociology of scientific knowledge Sociology of scientific ignorance. After graduating from high school in April he was drafted into the German Arbeitsdienst.

Paul Feyerabend Proceedings of the 3rd international congress of the Society for Analytical PhilosophyBerlin: Feyerabend thought that a pluralistic society should be protected from being influenced too much by science, just as it is protected from other ideologies. He became dissatisfied, however, and soon transferred to physicswhere he met Felix Ehrenhafta physicist whose experiments would influence his later views on the nature of science.

I eat and watch the guests. The Philosophical Review, 69, pp. Tratado Contra El Metodo Such assumptions need to be changed in order to make the new theory compatible with observations. In Praise of Observation Sentences. He claims that far from solving the pressing problems of our age, scientific theorizing glorifies ephemeral generalities at the cost of confronting the real particulars that make life meaningful. Essays in memory of Paul Feyerabend. Pittsurgh University Press, pp. Feyerabend and the Pragmatic Theory of Observation.

Instead, he is arguing that such methods are essential to the progress of science for several reasons. That is, if one had to choose between two theories of equal explanatory power, to choose the one that is compatible with an older, falsified theory is to make an aestheticrather than a rational choice. Knowledge, Science and Relativism volume 3: In this way, scientific pluralism improves the critical power of science. Beyond the Feyedabend of Certainty. He was especially indignant about the condescending attitudes of many scientists towards alternative traditions.

He also was critical of attempts to capture incommensurability in a logical framework, since he thought of incommensurability as a phenomenon outside the domain of logic.

Scientific Realism and Philosophical Realism. Tratado Contra El Metodo : Paul K Feyerabend : Feyerabend considered the possibility of incommensurabilitybut he was hesitant in his application of the concept. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 45, pp. The Image of Observables. Views Read Edit View history. According to Feyerabend, science should also be subjected to democratic control: Additionally, success by feyerwbend has traditionally involved non-scientific elements, such as inspiration from mythical or religious sources.

InFeyerabend was granted a British Council scholarship to study under Wittgenstein. Its verdict against Galileo was rational and just, and revisionism can be legitimized solely for motives of political opportunism. Feyerabend is not advocating that scientists do not make use of renormalization or other ad hoc methods. A controversial contta influential voice in the philosophy ,etodo science, Paul K. The main example of the influence of natural interpretations that Feyerabend provided was the tower argument.

In he was a founding member of the Kraft Circle. Bristish Journal metodp the Philosophy of Science, 36, pp. In this period he got into the habit of frequent reading, developed an interest in theatre, and started singing lessons. Related Articles


Paul Feyerabend

Tygoll Funding aside, how does one come up with these irrational ideas in the first place? He forgets and changes his mind often, he writes. Science is a human venture for Feyerabend, and should not be limited by narrower definitions. All three must be unified and quickly lead to new insights and feyerabedn, becoming the engine that fuels understanding. Have departments of transportation feyerxbend no attention to the physics of bridge building? Start teaching astrology and magic as viable alternatives alongside astronomy and biology in school?


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