We turn imagination into reality. Here is some information on color calibration for your plotter: Once your creative juices have run dry and you are satisfied with your plane skin save the file. My first time with them, they asked what size paper and I guessed at it and it was not to scale. Usually the cheapest, lightest, lowest mils is best.

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Requiersthe Detrum park flyer power combo 7 from graysonhobby. There are a few companies that import the stuff and sell it. The address is to be used if you have a design file that you want to share with others.

Desert Wings on January 5, I love this idea! Plans are available to download in PDF format. Thank you so much, for supplying free pdf artwork. I hope that the information is useful to others including those using depron. Step 6 — Finish and Fly Now cut, build, and fly the awesomeness that is your foamboard creation. I have attached links to different decorated Flite Test plans in. Kurt on October 30, Check again in the morning and it will be there. I might have to make one of the designs to fit, really like the green geo scheme Log In to reply.

All models are intended to be inexpensive and easily repairable. Just wondering if anyone has any other designs to share. The plans come in PDF Form full size not tiled, Delivered to you by your Email Address also be sure to check your spam mail for any plans you order.

You can always use 70mm edf units and electronics of your choice, so long as you keep the the CG or Center of Gravity in there correct place on the jet or plane you are building. Updated-Paper Skin for Foam Board Apr 12, Note that the paper will feel a little heavy with the adhesive but it gets lighter again as it dries.

Does any one else have some cheaper places to print? Brilliant and thanks for a great article. Desert Wings on October 21, Feel free to use the linked plans above as a starting point for your own designs. Added pictures and www. If you are willing to share the artwork for this plane or other FT designsI will post it with the designs above for others to use. Related Posts



Akikus The advantages you ask? Measure the scale in vertical and horizontal directions and if it is not to scale ask if this can be adjusted. I will have to try this when I build my Spitfire and Storch. LooseBruce Log In to reply. PropSpinner on October 19, FatPanda on August 3, Electric powered and of a smaller convenient size for easy transportation. Desert Wings on July 11, For me, building is as much fun as flying. I spent sometime browsing the RCGroups designs and I am motivated to add panel lines, shading, rivets, and weathering to some of the FT warbird designs now.


RC Powers Foam Jets: Lots of fun with minimum cost

RCFoam and Grayson offer it, but with the shipping costs it can be quite expensive. Simple print the layouts, stick, cut to size and them fold and toamy. I used Adobe Illustrator for designing the graphics. There are many existing you tube tutorials for Inkscape. Thanks for the comment. Sign up now to remove ads between posts.

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