In some cases, you may need to reset the FortiGate unit to factory defaults or perform a TFTP upload of the firmware, which will erase the existing configuration. In these instances, the configuration on the device will have to be recreated, unless a backup can be used to restore it. It is also recommended that once any further changes are made that you backup the configuration immediately, to ensure you have the most current configuration available. Should anything happen during the upgrade that changes the configuration, you can easily restore the saved configuration.

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Quotes From Members We asked business professionals to review the solutions they use. Here are some excerpts of what they said: Pros Unfortunately in Cisco, only the hardware was good. That gives us visibility into the traffic coming in and going out, and gives us the heads-up if there is a potential outbreak or potential malicious user who is trying to access the site.

It also helps us see traffic generated by an end device trying to reach out to the world. The information coming from Talos does a good job I like the fact that Cisco is working with them and getting the information from them and updating the firewall. The firepower sensors have been great; they do a good job of dropping unwanted traffic.

The most important point is the detection engine which is now part of the next-generation firewalls and which is supported by Cisco Talos. The most valuable feature of this solution is AMP Advanced Malware Protection , as this is really needed to protect against cyber threats. The technical team is always available when we have problems.

We are a visual effects company, and there have been a number of high profile security issues in our industry. This has brought us to a higher standard of security, which our clients are very keen on these days. It gives you a seamless and simple integration into a large network.

The most valuable feature is the VDOM, which allows the customer to have multiple firewalls in a single campus. It blocks the vulnerabilities that can negatively impact us.

This solution has increased the level of security, given us more control, provided a deep insight into network traffic, and is a great VPN solution. This solution has helped our organization by protecting our network from attacks. I had some outages in the network and we provide services for our company.

We sell mobile credits. The terminal gets access to our own server inside the network and if one internet fails, then the other one is still up and we have a back-up link on the devices.

My company mainly works in the health and educational domain, schools and universities. I prevent the improper use of content from schools and universities. I defend the medical records for the patients in our hospitals. That is the main use case for me for the firewall.

When we need something more robust we use Barracuda and Sony Wireless Routers. Super easy to manage. Anyone who has been working with firewalls can handle it. There is good documentation with a fantastic community and enterprise support.

We were also not too thrilled when Cisco announced that in the upcoming new-gen ASA, iOS was not going to be supported, or if you install them, they will not be able to be managed through the Sourcefire. Our latest experience with a code upgrade included a number of bugs and issues that we ran into.

So more testing with their code, before it hits us, would help. The software was very buggy, to the point it had to be removed. Cisco should do something to make them aware of them. That would be quite excellent and useful to organizations that are still using legacy data-center-security products. I have found that Cisco reporting capabilities are not as rich as other products, so the reporting could be improved.

The Sandbox and the Web Censoring in this solution need to be improved. It will be nice if they had what you traditionally would use a web application scanner for. The PC client was available immediately, but we had to wait a month or so, before there was a mac client. I was slightly irritated that it was not ready on time, but it was eventually resolved. The user interface could be improved to make it less confusing and easier to set up. I think there could be more QoS features Improvement is needed in the Web Filter quotas to restrict users with allocated quotas.

Technical support for this solution can be improved. I would like to have logs, monitoring, and reporting for a month without extra fees. ClamAV AntiVirus can cause some crashes. That service should be improved. This product needs improvements with respect to reporting and auditing. Adjustment in the interfaces: I had to adjust those interfaces manually and of course that is a great feature that you can restore it but it is immediately also one point for improvement.

I hope to have something to make the interfaces more user-friendly. I would like to see SD1 integration into the software. That would be fantastic. It needs better parsing of logs. At the moment, you have to use an external server for this if you want a deeper analysis. I would like to see multiple DNS servers running on individual interfaces.

Pricing and Cost Advice Always consider what you might need to reduce your wasted time and invest it in other solutions. Pricing varies on the model and the features we are using.

We used Check Point and the two are comparable. Cost was really what put us onto the ASAs The pricing for Cisco products is higher than others, but Cisco is a very good, strong, and stable technology. The program is very expensive. The cost of this solution is high. Some of our customers would be more likely to standardize on Cisco equipment if the cost was lower because a lot of people install cheap equipment. Fortinet is the least expensive solution. Setup cost may be not so low, as you expect, because it depends on different factors, but TCO for 5 years may pleasantly surprise you.

The pricing for this solution is good. Before choosing a piece of equipment you have to take into account the cost-benefit offered by each one. Sometimes it is not worth paying a very cheap price to have a minimum level of security.

Each feature costs money, so it is important to study your needs. I would say that all things considered, the pricing is pretty good. Fortinet is reasonable in pricing and licensing. Overall, FortiGate is affordable. The licensing fee can be a little high, depending on the budget for your project.

It is an open source firewall. All costs are low compared to other solutions. The hardware is stable and cheap. There is no licensing fee except for the enterprise support, if you want it. It is a free solution. It is economical i. From Sonic Wall, their price is much higher, because for every feature that you want to add, you have to pay. I can do the same things with pfSense, but everything is included in one price.

There are a few features not included, and when you have to use those features, you have to pay for them.


High CPU Utilization - 100%



Fortinet FortiGate 80C - security appliance Series Specs



FortiGate 60C WAN Interface Speed only 100Mbit Fullduplex


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