Rabbi Fred Neulander convicted of murder His son calls him a sociopath Rabbi Fred Neulander speaks to the jury during the penalty phase of his murder trial on November 22, Photo courtesy of the Courier-Post. On the evening of Tuesday, November 1, , Carol Neulander, 52, opened the door of her home in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and admitted two men who claimed to know her husband. As she led them into the house, one of the men hit her from behind with a pipe, smashing her skull.

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Standing behind her were her husband, Louis Miele, and her brothers, Edward and Robert Lidz, and their wives. All three couples attended the trial every day since it began Oct. Marty Devlin for their tremendous skill, perseverance and compassion," Miele said. The rabbi testified that his wife was covered in blood so he ran from the room and called The case made national headlines because of its startling details: a rabbi, a mistress, a murder and a hit man.

But suspicions soon turned to the rabbi, who had been caught lying about a two-year affair he had been having with Elaine Soncini, a Philadelphia radio personality. The case was coming together for police, who long suspected that the rabbi had arranged to have his wife killed. Prosecutor Lynch argued that Neulander feared losing the affections of Soncini and believed that a divorce would bring him too much embarrassment. In , the rabbi was indicted for murder, but the case was entirely circumstantial.

During the summer of the Rabbi told Soncini about nightmares he was having. Rabbi Neulander also told her that summer, that he predicted "it was going to be a tumultuous fall. Jenoff, however, was widely known in the suburban Philadelphia community of Cherry Hill as a storyteller.

Among other things, according to testimony, he claimed falsely to have been a former CIA agent, a former FBI agent, a "comrade in arms" of President Ronald Reagan, a player in the Iran-Contra Affair and a former police officer. He also falsely told people that he was a candidate for the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, and that he had tried three times to kill Cuban dictator Fidel Castro for the CIA.

A man Jenoff the two knew as the "bathroom" man -- because he had visited once before and asked to use the bathroom -- had arrived.

Carol Neulander told her that her father had told her to expect a delivery that night, Rebecca Neulander-Rockoff testified. After he found his wife lying on the floor that night, Neulander had not a speck of blood on his clothes, which raised questions among investigators about why he did not bend down and render his assistance to the woman he insisted he loved. Neulander also told police that he was not seeing anyone else and that his last conversation with his wife was a telephone call that afternoon in which he told her, "I love you.

Now a physician in North Carolina, Matthew Neulander, 29, testified that he witnessed a heated exchange between his parents two days before the killing. Matthew Neulander, referring to his father only as "Fred," said his mother asked her husband that night if he wanted to try to save the marriage. A previous jury deadlocked in its eighth day last year. Despite a court order not to speak to discharged jurors, Philadelphia-area media outlets reported that the jury was stuck 9 to 3 in favor of conviction.

Matthew Neulander said he was satisfied that his father likely would spend the rest of his life behind bars. JAMES LYNCH: Defense council asked you some questions about your professional dealings with people who are overcome with grief -- who have situations when they have to deal with trauma.

Do you recall those questions? How many survivors have you encountered in the course of your professional career, who have had to deal with sudden, violent deaths of close family members? How did you fill your days? How did you make a difference in the world? He goes on to ask three specific questions which beg to be answered. Were you selfish, or were you generous with your time? During one of those quick calls, he told his wife not to be surprised if a stranger visits to drop off a package.

Were you using the best parts of your brain, or were you lazy and sloppy? Did you have a vision for the community, or were you self-deceiving and looking only inwards? Supreme Court decision written by Justice Antonin Scalia.

He writes: Chutzpah is a Yiddish word connoting brazenness. A federal court in the Northern District of Illinois noted in a decision a couple of years ago that chutzpah means shameless audacity; impudence; brass. As a federal district court in the District of D. I had assumed there would be automatic appeals and hearings upon sentencing. He went beyond the rules that applied to lesser people - the ego trap that has destroyed so many charismatic leaders.

Our words and thoughts matter. What we think about and what we do are connected. He has written himself out of the world. And the Torah demands of the community to remove that person ourselves, even in the heart of the Temple. There are no symbols holy enough to lessen the horror of murder. We had a great family, great children, we had a synagogue, a business. There was no need for me to divorce.

I had no intention of being with her on a permanent basis. It was selfish and arrogant. Fred is 5-foot Exodus But if a man schemes and kills another man deliberately, take him away from my altar and put him to death. I realize people want to believe they are special and unique creatures, wholly different from any other being in the universe. But like it or not, the "Fight or Flight" reaction to an immediate crisis is a time tested reality and applies across the board.

When the adrenaline shoots into the system it overwhelms our normal thought processes. In an unexpected moment of trauma, nearly every single human being will unthinkingly lunge forward to help or automatically withdraw to flee. The sudden rush of adrenaline, and other similar chemical reactions, will also prevent us from simply standing stock still.

Instinct forces us to incline or decline -- we do not have the choice to recline. Of course there is the phenomenon of "becoming paralyzed with fear", but the key word in that phrase is "becoming".

In the heat of the moment -- you will act. He was talking on the phone, walking around, and avoiding his wife who was possibly still alive. In the heat of a moment of alarm, you cannot become "frozen in fear". He hated the smell of her cakes and pies, the sound of her busy chattering on the phone to her business clients and associates.

Greineder, was obsessed. People slip and fall in the bathtub everyday. Remember, this was supposed to be a robbery, but nothing was to be stolen. A divorce would not have accomplished that. Their hope is that by removing the circumstances from the circumstantial evidence, they will have effectively raised the "reasonable doubt" standard to one of " incontrovertible proof".

How can one conduct a search for the truth of a tragic series of human events, without including the emotions at the heart of such matters? If a jury were actually to put all emotion aside, no defendant would ever be found guilty of anything.

Emotion is truth. The jury is specifically asked to judge what witnesses say and how they say it -- and whether or not the person is essentially being truthful. It had its place in the synagogue they built. It had its place in the birth of three children and the creation of a successful business. Emotions not only have a place in the courtroom, they are central to the proceedings. Despite the judges and lawyers and scientists, it is the average person, selected from the community, who will decide the case.

Normally that decision is made during opening statements. She promised her love to him forever, and said things like, "Oh, honey, I am fiery today. Burning, flaming love.

Eleanor R. Mills, 34, a choir singer and wife to James Mills. Their affair had been rather obvious over the past four years. Now a jury has spoken with one voice. As a congregation that respects the rule of law, we accept its verdict. As leaders of our congregation, we also want to reiterate our desire to be empathetic friends and supportive listeners. We are here with open hearts and open doors. Our hope and prayer is that all those touched by this tragedy will now begin to know some measure of the healing peace we call shalom.



The inquiry into bias was dependent on whether Jenoff knew or believed that he was a suspect in the Bell homicide or that the police were actually looking at him in their investigation, not whether he was actually guilty of the crime. And almost all the witnesses against the rabbi come with enough baggage to undermine their credibility. Baxter, the first trial resulted in a hung jury. The record is clear.


Fred Neulander

Standing behind her were her husband, Louis Miele, and her brothers, Edward and Robert Lidz, and their wives. All three couples attended the trial every day since it began Oct. Marty Devlin for their tremendous skill, perseverance and compassion," Miele said. The rabbi testified that his wife was covered in blood so he ran from the room and called The case made national headlines because of its startling details: a rabbi, a mistress, a murder and a hit man.


Rabbi Fred Neulander

Tozshura Fred Neulander In future cases, a defendant therefore need not make an affirmative request of the trial court that his or her witnesses appear in civilian clothing. The only issue is his state of mind. He worked every Tuesday from 7: I denied Carol Neulander the right numbber have a full and fruitful life. He also heard a hissing and gurgling sound coming from her. Therefore, an evidentiary hearing was not required on the PCR petition.


Dazilkree Carol Neulander had class. Jenoff confessed on April 28, The court rules regarding PCR petitions do not authorize discovery in PCR proceedings, and the general discovery obligations in the rules do not extend to such proceedings. Six prosecution witnesses were numher of lying outright. The Court in Artwell did not give its ruling retroactive effect.

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