However, nothing about it is more mysterious than the people who practice it or, at least, the people who have been purported to practice it. One such man was known only through his publications and his students. They called him Fulcanelli and that was the name on his books, but who this man really was seems lost to history. He was born in the late 19th century and his works were published in the early half of the 20th century. He wrote about a wife in his notes, so he was presumably heterosexual and married.

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Akinobei As a writer of books on Sacred Geometry and the Aborigines of Australia as well as being the translator of much of the work of Schwaller De Lubicz, including the massive Temple of Man volumes, I was a willing listener.

This year the second book was released by Inner Traditions and is basically the same book with new research.

Who was the masterly author of the Mystery of the Cathedrals and of the Dwellings of the Philosophers, whose depth remains considerable still nowadays, at the beginning of the 21st century.

This is one of the few cases in history where there is so little to go on that curiosity about the subject rarely bears fruit.

By the way we will also follow Fulcanelli himself. With renewed interest I plunged into The Mystery of the Cathedrals again looking for more secrets. Indeed, a great number of his reports and communications were retained by the Academy of Science.

For many months I lay the paper with inscription out in front of me and would just stare at it. Subscription up to end of december and order for this books to the editor by cliking on the photo above.

Nobody knew his real identity and to this day, he remains one of the most ambiguous mystics of the 20th century. The most famous of his students was Eugene Canseliet. Lastly, it has been suggested that physicist Jules Violle was Fulcanelli. Canseliet had known Fulcanelli as an old man in his 80s but now the Master had grown younger and had physically changed in appearance: To pile synchronicity upon coincidence I then found out, through my good friend Laura Lee in Seattle, that John Major Jenkins was a neighbor of mine in Colorado.

I was dumbfounded by it and I have continued to reread the book throughout the ensuing years. History is full of unexplained mysteries and we want your help in documenting it. The books are written in a cryptic and erudite manner, replete with Latin and Greek puns, alchemical symbolism, double entendresand lectures on and in Argot and Cantall of which serve to keep casual readers ignorant. When I did this I also came up with a secondary message that actually enforced the first message.

Robert suggested that I read the work of Astro-Physicist Dr. I wish that the beautiful symbols gathered here surprise you, upset you and attract you. Showing us ice samples taken from Greenland, he revealed how these iridium deposits fall in 26,year layers suggesting that the pulse from the center of the galaxy is somehow linked to the precession of alchemyy equinoxes. A couple of days after his arrival I began realizing that I needed to show my work on Fulcanelli and the Cross at Hendaye to someone who had a background, not only in orthodox history but also unorthodox history.

Who Was Fulcanelli? Lawlor remembered that LaViolette had some good theories concerning a disaster from the center of the galaxy. He agreed that the Cross was pointing at the center of the galaxy and that the end of the Iron Age is likely upon us. Write me directly here. Over the course of the next two and a half hour lecture Dr.

In the end, I must be judged by what I reported. I placed my breakdown of the Latin inscription out on some large pieces of cardboard to use for demonstrations and began looking alcgemy some help in the investigation. The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye. A hyperlink sends towards these people. They came and went, their knowledge being lost through the sands of time, save for what survived at the heart of esoteric societies.

FRITZBOX PDF I received an advanced copy of Maya Cosmogenesis by John Major Jenkins in which he reveals that the great Mayan calendar would end with the helical rising of the center of the galaxy on the winter solstice in The questions of how an unknown alchemist working on fukcanelli cross years ago could know about all of this also amazed me. What to do about it? This man allegedly turned lead into gold, a trick he learned from his master. Vincent and Darlene were old friends of Dan Winter.

Something to say or any question? Nick had taken up where several other astrologers had started. The matter, like one suspects it, was to be serious! Fulcanelli, the street of alchemy, illustration of his books The assumption is often made that Fulcanelli, whoever he was, was well educated. Home About Us Our Mission. Using Fulcanelli as our guide we alcheemy Hendaye, photographed and measured the Cross at Hendaye I was thankful that it really did exist!

Indeed the angry sun face on the Cross indicates that this disaster has something to do with the sun. There was no doubt, it was a real mystery and I was completely hooked. Bergier could not say and the army major seemed satisfied Fulcanelli could not be found. Juan del Prado who was traveling with William Sullivan.

LaViolette answered many of the last problems posed alche,y the mystery of the Cross at Hendaye. Related Posts.



Samutaur The name Fulcanelli seems to be a play on words: If the chapter is the work of Champagne, then Canseliet must have known about it. Indeed, a great number of his reports and communications were retained by the Academy of Science. August 30th, Tags: Aug 01, Michael Neal rated it really liked it. First rated it liked it Sep 22, The matter, like one suspects it, was to be serious! The following two tabs change content below.


Fulcanelli: The Mysterious French Alchemist

Illustration by Julien Champagne. Fulcanelli was likely a Frenchman educated in the ways of alchemical lore, architecture, art, science and languages. Its first edition consisted of copies and was published by Jean Schemit at 52 Rue Laffitte, Paris. During , he accepted the sons of Ferdinand de Lesseps as students and in two more students: Jules Boucher and Gaston Sauvage. In , Fulcanelli relocated to 59 rue Rochechouart where he allegedly succeeded in transmuting base metals into gold. As Fulcanelli describes in a strange letter he kept as a talisman about the completion of the Great Work - by someone who is presumably Basil Valentine - he also mentions his own wife: " When my wife told me the good news" and "

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