Akijas This way, the music will sound mechanical, cold, boring. Been at YT and checked out a variety of players doing this piece and none come close. Have you played this piece Robinfw? I think this is a job to those with really extreme virtuosism that can take the risk of a strong interpretation. Classical Guitar Skip to content. I never heard of her before.

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Yodal The one I meant to post is this one. But yarrega she uses that combination alot in this piece the percussion variation for example. Classical Guitar This is simply a term for something that exerts the effect of matter but which we cannot observe at the moment.

It is just fun, and musical fun at a that. If she could forget that everything is not a gymnastic exercise and that rubato and emotion are allowed. Forum guitare classique — Forum chitarra classica — Foro guitarra clasica — Free sheet music for garn guitar — Delcamp. I was reading all your comments on this piece after doing a topic search and decided to write some highly provocative but sincere comments. Topics archived from Public Space and its subforums after a long period of inactivity, or redundant for some other reason.

Maybe in the next life. I think it is called freescores or something. The last being Sueno in la floresta. Two new players for me. One is from a site in Iceland. The music needs to sound almost as an improvisation. I never heard of her before. For anyone joha they might find this link if it is allowed trrega be of interest. She has been one of my guitar heros for a long time.

Slow introduction — nice, theme and first 4 or 5 variations -nice, then we come to all that left hand only stuff. I went back and listened to some of her Barrios pieces.

The other is from a site that is blocked. IMO Carmen nails it. I would take the Caprice over the Jota any day! Gran Jota — Tarrega — really music — Classical Guitar It has a nice technical trick that make it sounds like a virtuoso work, but it does not have too much musical variety. The more I discuss the more I realise that things just are not what they seem.

Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. This section is read-only. If the technique required by the music marginally matches the skill of the singer, then I think he will tend to focus on the accuracy and to forget about or not be able to do anything about the interpretation part. I have some ongoing discussions with a friend concerning philosophical matters which are turning my world around.

Of course the guitar she plays may have a part in it. Please consider supporting us by jotz your ad blocker on our website. If you are a Linux person it is much easier to wget this link.

And finally a tremolo — quite nice if you are still awake to hear it. I already have too much on my todo list. My final analysis is this: Then gdan is the music box effect left hand only combined with right hand harmonics and here I have to say that, played well, this is really beautiful and strangely most performers leave it out but not Liona Boyd.

The same with Koyunbaba. Li Jie is a close second. I practice some of this jots to develope technique, but I would never play them in concert because I am not a great virtuoso. I totally researched it for like 2 hard hours It isnt all that confusing really. Related Posts


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