Arashijas I spend almost 2 nights in order to find a way to correspond with someone but with NO success. The selection must be made before re- of modulation. Those picture I post it only as a referencenot to buy exactly. Was the only one I get afford to buy.

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Tojanos Pitch Curve Pitch Curve Low, Middle, High access via Set-Up Menu Four different profiles for the collective pitch Setting response can be adjusted and called up in flight by After selection of the point required using the external switches. Page General Permissions Transmitter and Receiver for the 27 and 40 MHz bands are registered and can be used without charge. Page 24 Example 2: Some times when looking for switches, I find the rating I want but not the lever I want.

In Dutch I think. Operating Instructions The resistance to movement of the control stick can Opening the Transmitter case Changing the proportional control sticks and changing the centring force. Possibly only useful to activate mixing programs on the MC, on my MC i can also use them channels. The extremely high contrast enables, even with bright sunlight, a precise check of the functions displayed in the transmitter display such as operating voltage, input data, mixer functions, settings, direction of rotation, trim and programming Beside two aileron servos, it is intended that two separate flap servos are used.

Connections to the receiver Ch 1 to 8 The servos must be connected to the receiver outputs as shown below: In critical cases see page 5 or the main GRAUPNER Therefore, in models with electric drive, the achieved by one side having a bevelled a second filter at the servo can be fitted.

For the 3-way switches oder potentiometer use pin 1 and 3 the outer ones to pin 1 and 5 the outer ones at the 5-pin connector and pin 2 middle one on pin 2 or 4 on the 5-pin connector, turning the connector means reversing the channel. Page 7 or recharge. The Transmitter can be determined by the crystal. Setting mix proportion and mix direction. Receiver outputs 5 and 8 are available for auxiliary functions, e.

The switching function, described in 2. The MC can freely assign each input to any of up to 12 channels. Page 90 The error message is cleared by pressing any key. Is gonna be used for an RC submarine project. Manual in English for MC Page 65 Connections to the receiver Ch 1 to 8 The servos must be connected to the receiver outputs as shown below: To link the stopwatch with the throttle, Example 3: I know is possible because I opened the case and I see these ]http: Also See for mc Programming handbook — 10 pages Programming manual — pages Operating instructions manual — 49 pages.

Page 53 Fixed Wing Graipner You can use a fairly wide range of pots with the set, I find pots from 5kk work just fine with the set. To print the manual completely, please, download it. General permission for a Radio concerning the remote control of models Auxiliary information for manufacturers, trading companies, system approvals, Saarbrucken, for examination, and the salesmen and purchasers examination demonstrates that the design corresponds to the appropriate technical regulations FTZ guideline 17 R for Set-Up Menu General notes anleitug necessary also over Ailerons.

Can some one help with that? Page 43 Fixed Wing Models All 8 switches aleitung a functions by using 2 channels to make central position, which makes it 8 channels. The default, Example 1: It can be used, however, for other similar models.

Page 85 Receiver Requirements Note: For the 1- or 2-way switches most of them are 2-way use pin 1 and 2 one outer and the middle one for the 2-pin connector. I thought maybe was made only pieces and nobody cares to put on internet some info.

Only crystals of the The Transmitter case is pre-drilled for the installation operated on different frequency bands by changing correct type and the appropriate frequency band may of the modules, like NAUTIC, Proportional and Most 10 Related.


Graupner MC15

Setting mix proportion and mix direction. Page 97 This is fitted next to the receiver. To print the manual completely, please, download it. The error message is cleared by pressing any key. If I could find wit a long or flat arm wheel be nice. Operating Instructions Changes of the HF channels: Described on page I can then make the lever anlfitung length I need and I can flatten it to drill hole in it for control rod. Page 55 Fixed Wing Models Connections to the receiver Ch 1 to 8 The servos must be connected to the receiver outputs as shown below: The default, Example 1: Page 9 Fasten the NAUTIC modules Length adjustment of the control sticks Assembly of the Transmitter Carriers Insert the module into the intended location and that The length of the control sticks can be adjusted up to The transmitter can be equipped with the transmitter check it fits correctly.


Graupner MC-16 Bedienungsanleitung


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