Cerca de la pistola, si te fijas en la nieve, hay algo brillante. Sigue a Harry. Sube por ellas y llega hasta Harry. Retorna hasta Harry y sube las escaleras cercanas, para interactuar con la manivela y cerrar el escape de gas.

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The early going is easy enough. Just move forward, working your way around endless shrubbery and trees as you wade through shallow water. This represents the first charge that needs to be armed. Once armed, you can then move forward to the next objective. The glint of the treasure you seek is on a tree branch no word how that happened.

With the Yuan Dynasty Coin in hand, you can then continue one of two ways. You can easily get the jump on the first two enemies you encounter, so aim for headshots. However, once the gunshots ring out, their friends, numbering perhaps six or so, will come to their aid.

Move forward slowly as you deal with this menace, using cover when needed. Use the stack of crates and boxes at the corner of the flooded area to work your way up to a horizontal pole that you can then use to swing across to another part of the pathway. You can follow this pathway across a log and, ultimately, to a large rock. At this point, the Triangle button prompt will appear on-screen, so follow it to push the rock out of the way. This will allow the elder Sully to join you in the upcoming area.

Past the location of the rock, cross the next fallen tree to gap the chasm there, and then get ready for a battle. There are four or five enemies here, armed with a mixture of handguns and machineguns, and they occupy the high ground initially.

Use the trees for cover and take them out one at a time, again relying on cues from where Sully is firing towards if you can locate an enemy or two. Once all foes are fallen, you can scour their bodies for needed ammunition for both your pistol and machinegun. You may have seen the location of this treasure when you were down on the forest floor.

Unable to shoot it down from below, you can grab it from up here. After taking the right path, follow the shallow water to the apex of the waterfall. The telltale glow of the treasure will emanate from atop a severed tree trunk. With the treasure in hand, backtrack to the juncture in the path, and this time, swing leftward. At this point, a brief cutscene will take place.

Initiate hostilities by capping the thug directly in front of you in the back of the head, and then get ready for the repercussions. His friends nearby -- especially those using cover across the way on another small structure -- will begin firing at you shortly thereafter. Sit tight and deal with them slowly. Likely too full. When the enemies directly ahead of you are downed, you can move forward towards their position and begin to deal with the brunt of the enemy force here to your left.

Thankfully, there are a couple of high explosives strewn around the area that will help you thin out their ranks. You can then deal with the residuals with the myriad weapons around you, including pistols, machineguns, and even a single magnum, which can cause massive damage to even the most robust of enemies. None of them are especially well-hidden, nor are they necessarily strewn apart from one another in the outskirts of the area.

Simply seek out the blinking green lights on small boxes near the forest floor, affixed to various wooden planking.

Swing rightward down the path you see there, and a cutscene will eventually take over. And then, before you know it, Sully is attacked from behind and the same thug then drags you down to the water below.

This segment essentially acts as a sort of advanced primer for melee attacks. Deal with all four enemies the fourth will show up as a sort of surprise , and then use the rope Sully drops down for you to get back up to the raised area overlooking the shallow water.

The treasure itself is located above the exit out of the camp with the jeep in it. Follow the pathway as it curves rightward, and keep an eye on the white bricks on the left wall. You can use these to climb upward, and then jump to the horizontal wooden beam behind you. You can swing across a couple of these beams to a large fallen log that bridges the area below. Walk rightward along the log, and then move forward, jumping across a previously-tread pathway below to another platform.

The treasure should be sitting near a fallen barrel on your right. When you arrive, you can begin to climb up the steps towards the higher area above. When you reach the top of the steps and move forward, this chapter will end, and chapter four, called The Dig, will run seamlessly into this ending.

Head to the next section of the walkthrough to continue. Was this guide helpful?


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