Reassessed equipment ratings, some due to conversation with Molivious. Okay, the characters are underdeveloped. Okay, the game is short and seems like only half the game was delivered to us sequel upcoming?? I hope so!

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Reassessed equipment ratings, some due to conversation with Molivious. Okay, the characters are underdeveloped. Okay, the game is short and seems like only half the game was delivered to us sequel upcoming?? I hope so! While there are two strong guides for this game already on this site at this time of writing, and while the Gungnir forums are awash with all kinds of valuable information, there is no comprehensive compilation of all the information required to master this incredible, in-depth, detail-oriented game.

I offer to you now the fruits of my labor. I sincerely hope it will prove of use to you during your journey to liberate Gargania. And may the stars protect us all. No, not just win this game. We are going to crack this game open, arrange all of its organs in alphabetical order, and serve them to ourselves on crystal dishes with a side salad and a nice Chianti.

Sorry, that metaphor got a bit weird. Sorry for all the rest of them in advance. So, what is this section for, exactly? Especially with a FAQ section at the end of the guide? Which difficulty should I pick? I am an avid SRPG buff, and there is no way in hell that I would have been prepared for this game on Advanced difficulty the first time I picked it up. Should I equip one weapon or two? This is kind of the wrong question to ask. The question you should be asking is not "Do I want to use one weapon or two?

It frees up more CAP for vital armor pieces and consumables, after all. However, more often than not, you will need two weapons in order to have your character performing all the jobs you need them to do on the field. Take a Priestess, for example. If you want her to have both a strong single-target heal and a strong multi-target heal, you are virtually forced to dual-wield Grimoires until you get ahold of either the Book of Nanai or the Book of Kirie.

Similarly, Brutes will often want multiple axes on hand in order to destroy multiple pieces of enemy equipment without the need for a Base Panel.

I personally prefer using two weapons whenever I can. I love the added versatility offered by a second weapon, both in terms of actions and in terms of elemental coverage. However, I do also believe that if you can manage to find a weapon that has everything you need on it - such as the Cryocross for a Witch - then equipping a second weapon is just taking up CAP you could be using in more optimal ways.

How important are consumable items? In pretty much any situation, it is a good idea to spare the CAP needed to put a Medicinal Herb or a Potion on a character. In these occasions, a Medicinal Herb - which activates immediately and has a very quick recovery time - can literally be the difference between life and death. Why are the War Gods only targeting my party? The War Gods target random characters every time you select Ragnarok.

So be careful about using them. Every tick of the Overclock will cause the War Gods to rearrange their targets, so you can "shuffle" for a better setup by doing this. Should I recruit from the Camp or from the Guild? As a general rule, I advise against recruiting characters from the Camp. There are some Camp generics that are quite respectably powerful, and this guide will tell you who they are, but for the most part, Camp characters are overall weaker than those you can get from the Guild, and the random nature of getting the one you want to appear further detracts from their usefulness.

In the Guild, should I recruit early in the game, in the middle, or late? This is a tricky question for many reasons. Personally, I prefer to do most of my recruiting early in the game. Character level is less important than Mastery and Specialty levels, so I prefer to have my characters around for as much of the game as possible in order to maximize these growths, even if they will probably end the game at a lower level than the high-end Guild members will be at.

On the other hand, typically though not always the higher-level Guild members that can be recruited in the middle- or end-game will have higher stats and elemental affinities that are more suited for their class, which - especially if you Retry a mission or two to build up their Mastery and Specialty levels - can make them quite powerful. Arguments could be made for recruiting your generics at any point in the game, really; however, my personal preference is to do it early, and I will stand by it.

Should I use generics or story characters for my main team? In a nutshell: there is no answer to this question! Use whoever you like best. How many characters should I plan on using in my army? The highest number of characters you will ever be allowed to field on a map is six. However, while you can never field fewer characters than the game allows you to select, you can always leave some of them at the back of the stage, doing nothing, and focus on a smaller group than you are given.

I have also tried cycling between several units between different stages, and there is definitely a point at which your units start struggling for Mastery and experience points, making the game more difficult. Choosing six "core" units is a great choice and my personal recommendation, but you can probably make do with as few as four or as many as eight, as long as you choose your units carefully.

Of course, if you want to use more or fewer as a particular challenge to yourself Should I bother with getting three-star ratings? Here is the interesting and counterintuitive thing about getting three-star ratings on the fights in this game: doing so actually makes your game more difficult. Not only is getting the items from treasure chests a challenge on its own, but your game will actually become slightly more difficult every time you three-star a stage.

The items you obtain from chests can be very high-quality, so collecting them from chests is very rewarding if you can manage it, but honestly?

That should hopefully be enough information that you can start your game up without feeling completely in the dark. Are you ready? While these might be a bit annoying for veterans of the game, newcomers should pay attention to every one, even if they think they already know what the tutorial is saying! Anyway, on with the actual fight.

For now, you can only control Giulio; Teresa, Noah, and Claude will move and act on their own. Move to the east to capture the nearest Base Panel on your level of ground, then move back to the west and down the dirt ramp. This dirt incline on the west side of the stage is the only way to get to ground level without falling down the cliff, and while the damage you take for falling is small, why suffer it needlessly?

Just use the ramp. In this case, Giulio has a JUMP rating of 2; as a result, if he tries to move from a space with a height of 5. A space of 4, however, would be safe. This skill attacks a row of three panels in any direction adjacent to Giulio; very convenient when enemies are silly enough to bunch up!

Teresa will follow you down the ramp and jump into the fray to assist you with her sharp Cutlass dagger. Between her and Giulio, you should be able to drop any of the Assassins or the lone Gunner with just two or three attacks.

Noah and Claude are both ranged classes; Noah is an Archer, equipped with a bow as you might expect, and Claude is a Thrower, equipped with a Bamboo Pick javelin. Owing to their ranged nature, both Noah and Claude - rather than joining the fray like Teresa - tend to linger at the top of the stage and take badly-aimed potshots. No wonder Teresa is the fan favorite. The stage "boss," Wolfram, is stronger than his Assassin and Gunner cronies, but not by much.

Finish him off in style and bask in the glow of your first victory. A note: unless you have the opportunity to strike multiple foes by using Root Blade, try always to have Giulio use Norman Strike instead. Might as well start collecting them now! There are several points throughout the game where you will be called upon to make a choice of what to say or do, and while these decisions may seem unimportant at the time, every single one contributes toward a tally that decides which ending you will receive.

For now, you have a Decision to make! Medicinal Herb x2 - Right next to your Ace. Leather Clothes - Three squares to the right of Gaspard the Brute. Medicinal Herb x2 - Right next to Noah. Potion x3 - To the left of Sorens the Assassin. Potion x3 - To the right of Denise the Assassin. Potion x3 - Four squares to the left of Denise the Assassin.

Objects: Rope - Large vase tucked between the earthen steps and the building Gaspard the Brute is standing on top of. Teresa joins your army at the start of the map! You can decide to field either Giulio or Teresa as the Ace for this fight; choose Teresa so that Giulio starts the fight closer to the action than her.

As an Assassin, Teresa is fragile, and the center of the fray is not where she wants to be. The goal of this fight is to defeat Noah. As we already know, Noah is an Archer, and Archers are even more delicate than Assassins, so chances are good that your guests - if left to their own devices - will knock Noah out by themselves.

Destroying the vase drops the item bag inside of it, which holds a Rope. If you at all intend to use a Tamer, or are even considering the possibility that you may someday use a Tamer, get that Rope!!! While you can buy the Rope quite easily before you can recruit Tamers, you must must MUST have a Rope if you expect a Tamer to be any good, and you have limited opportunities to obtain one!

Get one at all costs!!! To elucidate: the Rope is one of only three whips in the game to have a Specialty IV skill on it, that being the Capture series of skills. These skills more or less define the Tamer as what she is. However, the other two whips with Capture skills are not accessible until the last third of the game. When fighting with Teresa, make sure you use her Cutlass to attack rather than her Icepick dagger.

While the Icepick is cool literally, it only has one attack on it: Freezing Scythe, which it already has unlocked.


Gungnir – FAQ/Walkthrough

After moving to destination space, there is a chance unit will move to another space. Using an element attack on a unit with gugnnir element will deal more damage, and deal less damage on a unit with same element. Once you have your treasure, advance to the next level. Now you can finish the remain Archer and bring your Tamer up to capture the Breaker attacking Ragnus, switch her with his place. This cost a large amount of TP. You will have to quickly follow the on-screen instructions.



Create a map for every scene. First submit to gamefaqs. For the player, all units share a same turn, which marked by the yellow "P" icon on the Action Sequence. When your turn comes, you can choose one of your units to take action. Every enemy and NPC unit has its own turn and only acts when its counter reaches 0. The number of Delay are different depend on which action is taken.


Gungnir – Guides and FAQs


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