Of these, the Brockes Passion ? Barthold Heinrich Brockes , himself a Hamburger, was at school with Mattheson, and at Halle University he was a fellow student of Handel, like him studying law. Like Handel, Brockes soon dedicated himself to the liberal arts, and after travels in Italy, France and the Netherlands he settled in Hamburg, pursuing a literary life on several fronts — poetry, translation, journalism — and becoming a respected senator and holder of several important civic positions. Clearly he was a man of many parts, and persuasions. If the number of printings and settings is a guide, this was the most celebrated libretto Handel ever set apart from the texts of Messiah.

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Part of the process was the creation of a new performing edition that involved examining 15 manuscripts and publications in four countries, a labor of love done by AAM oboist Leo Duarte. The recording was made in conjunction with a series of concerts celebrating the th anniversary of the first known performance in Hamburg during Easter Week Purchase on Amazon The recording is housed in a sturdy sleeve-box with a hardback book featuring extensive notes and articles about the work by Egarr, Duarte and several Handel scholars, including Dr.

Ruth Smith, Dr. Bettina Varwid and Jane Glover, as well as the complete libretto. Of course, the most important aspect of any new recording is the actual performance, and Egarr and his musicians do not disappoint.

Indeed, what comes across most clearly in this performance is that this is an intensely human Passion. Review: Handel — Concerto Grossi Op. In the exchanges between Pilate and the crowd CD 2, tracks 5 to 9 their singing is always beautiful, even as they demand the death of Jesus. This passage, perhaps, would be more impactful with a more dramatic forward momentum, shortening or eliminating pauses between sections. But these slight misgivings are quickly forgiven in a performance that gets so much right.

Particularly impressive is how Egarr sustains the dramatic thread through the final movements, despite what is arguably too many commentaries from the Daughter of Zion and other Faithful Souls.

Overall, this is an engaging and impressive performance, captured in immediate, well-balanced sound, with a wealth of ancillary materials that will make this recording a first choice for many listeners.


Review: Handel – Brockes Passion – AAM, Richard Egarr



Brockes Passion, TWV 5:1 (Telemann, Georg Philipp)



Handel’s Brockes Passion: a Unique Composition


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