Shelves: contemporary , historical , paranormal , time-travel I always enjoy a good time travel, and Highland Rogue is a good one. It starts a little slow before getting down to the nitty gritty, but once there we get some great action, an involved storyline, and the characters are interesting and true to themselves throughout the book. In the beginning a little too much time is taken, for me, in getting to the traveling part of the story. We learn about Maggie and her sisters, how they lost their parents and how she had to leave her dreams behind to raise I always enjoy a good time travel, and Highland Rogue is a good one.

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Customer Book Reviews This book has it all! The love scenes are beautiful - hot, hot, HOT, and yet always in graceful good taste, never sleazy or trashy. There is a very strong story apart from the romance and the story gets well established long before the romance. Most of the book takes place in Scotland in the 18th century, and, as usual, the author has done her research, and paints a beautiful picture of Scotland at that time. The two main characters, Maggie Graham of the 21st century, and the "Rogue" Quinn MacIntyre are beautifully drawn, distinctive, fully developed characters.

The night I finished the book, I was a few chapters from the end. I decided to read "just one chapter" before going to bed. The excitement cranked up to high gear, and I literally could not put the book down, so I was up until the wee hours finishing it, and it was well worth it. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who likes romance novels, historical novels, suspense and adventure, or novels of any sort.

This book has it all! Thus she is euphoric when she receives the letter from Dr. Alexander that she has been accepted to join an archaeological dig near Drymen in the Scottish Highlands. At the site, Maggie finds a a huge, tri-spiral carving in the floor of the cairn that sends her back in time to at an importune moment.

She drops into the midst of a battle between the forces of Quinn McIntyre and those of the Duke of Montrose. Quinn saves her life taking her to his friend, Ian McGregor for safekeeping. Their efforts fail leaving Quinn mortally wounded and McGregor slated for execution. Maggie takes her beloved back to the future where he can get medical treatment that will save his life; she knows they will go back because McGregor still needs rescuing. This back and forth entertaining time travel romance is a fun tale starring a courageous heroine who has romanticized the Scottish legendary heroes so much so that Quinn wonders if he can measure up to her ideal.

Harriet Klausner Great bedtime reading By H. She put both dreams on hold when her parents died and she was forced to raise her twin sisters. To be fair to Ms. Quinn and Maggie have fantastic chemistry. The plot is wonderful. For a book with such a generic title, its contents are anything but. Now that the girls are adults and on their own, she is ready to pick-up her life where she left off, traveling the world and making fantastic discoveries as an archeologist.

Wanting to encourage her dream, her sisters and best friend purchase a trip to Scotland to assist with the excavation of a newly discovered cairn. Loving all things Scottish, they also hope she finds the man of her dreams. Quinn MacIntyre is known as the Piper, a Scottish Robin Hood that, with the help of his best-friend Ian, takes from the rich to give to the poor.

The motive for his outlaw life stems from the desire to avenge the death of his family. Maggie accidentally discovers that the cairn is a time-travel point when she is thrown from to Scotland Her sudden appearance sets into motion a series of events that end with Ian being shot.

Maggie and Quinn reluctantly join forces to learn what has happened to Ian. In the course of their team-work, they uncover feelings for each other. They each struggle with yielding to their desire and passion, while remaining loyal to family and friends.

Highland Rouge by Tess Mallory is a solid time travel romance fantasy. The characters are likeable as we follow their journey to find love and acceptance. This story touches the fantasy of time-travel not just from the point of being swept into the past, but also of being brought to the future. Obviously, I suck at them. When you want it thick, rich, densely satisfying and you get it it hits the spot.

That was this book. It had some good moments, but I think it was just barely above average. There were times that I thought that our female protagonist, Maggie, was annoying. Like when she stood in the middle of a lane when masked horsemen were running towards her. That whole deer in the headlights thing made me automatically think of those dumb broads in B-Movie Horror flicks who scream their heads off as some monster that takes 1 hour to walk 15 steps walks towards them.

I hate those chicks. They suck. And there is never any explanation or detail of the coincidence. Why bother? Just make her last name Smith then. I was waiting for some sort of twist later on and nothing! I was jipped! Other things that bugged me were the use of exclamations and euphemisms. They were lame. Scottish time-travel romance By Helen Hancox on Jun 24, When Maggie Graham finds herself, during a dream holiday to Scotland, transported back in time to she understandably finds it difficult to adjust.

As she takes her first steps into history she stumbles into the middle of a battle between two highwaymen and the authorities.

However she soon finds herself attracted to Quinn. But can they rescue Ian? Can she keep herself safe in a rough and basic world; and is there any future with Quinn when they are from different times? This was a reasonable light read with good pacing and some interesting characters. However those who like Scottish romances with alpha males and a time-travel twist should enjoy this story as long as not too much is expected of it.

Maggie is adorable and full of spit and fire and Quinn is flawed, but what a man!! Would have made for a better story. And hopefully, Ian will be her next adventure!!! It was a real page turner, very suspenseful. By Kindle Customer on Apr 23, this one has to be one of my new favorites. Very well written and worth the price. If you like romantic warriors, you will love it. Fun By Avid Romance Reader on Jul 30, This book was not the best time travel or historical novel I have read but it was fun, light and I enjoyed it.

This particular edition is in a Mass Market Paperback format. It was published by Berkley and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.


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