To succeed, you have to let go of fear. Her stories are held as groundbreaking masterpieces. She was also fearless. Circumstances, setbacks, tragedy, and the world around her gave her plenty of reason to fear.

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Although its name and function is unknown, she has an ability. Higuchi is a fairly tall, young woman in her 20s. Her hair is blonde and comes down to her shoulders, which she usually keeps tied up into a messy bun. Her eyes are a deep brown color.

She wears a black suit that she leaves unbuttoned,and is also usually seen wearing a pair of rectangular, blue sunglasses. When attempting to deceive the Armed Detective Agency , she has a more refined appearance. Her hair is let out of its usual bun and is brushed neatly. She is also seen without her sunglasses and her jacket and shirt buttoned up properly. Personality As a mafioso, Higuchi proves ruthless and fearsome, not shying away from killing her targets.

When confronted by the enemy, she has a distant atmosphere to herself, often strictly no-nonsense and showing little sympathy for them. Quick to act, she seldom tolerates disrespect and detests those who underestimate Port Mafia. Beneath her tough exterior, she is easy to upset, hesitant, and quick to question herself. She even contemplated leaving several times, despite the inevitable hardships defection foretold. An impulsive spirit also leads her to tend toward drastic measures, consequently going against orders.

Her biggest weakness is her intense, bordering obsessive loyalty to Ryunosuke Akutagawa, whom she obeys almost unconditionally.

She often insists on filling in for Akutagawa, worried about his poor health. Nonetheless, Higuchi remains loyal to him. However, Higuchi makes up her weaknesses for having a strong resolve, and she refuses to turn away when allies, especially Akutagawa, are in danger. She proves reliable and incredibly brave, even if her judgement is easily clouded under pressure. Her composure can often waver. Sometimes she is cool-headed and intimidating, other times easily unsettled and stressed out.

Ultimately, she seems to excel more in covert operations than the frontlines, as a tendency to panic leaves her wide open in battle. Ability Higuchi has an unknown ability, [3] however she is shown to be highly proficient with firearms. She is shown wielding pistols and sub-machine guns several times, and can easily wipe out a group using her firearms only. Background Why Higuchi joined the mafia is unknown.

Higuchi contacts the Agency with a job, arriving at their office with the impression of a mild-mannered office worker. Higuchi leads Tanizaki, Naomi Tanizaki , and Atsushi Nakajima to the scene, ignoring their off-colour antics. Higuchi confirms his suspicions, suddenly putting her hair in a bun and unbuttoning her jacket. Enraged, Tanizaki activates Light Snow, confusing Higuchi, who mistakes it as real snow. Tanizaki attacks Higuchi. Higuchi tries to mow him down, but with Light Snow as his cover, Tanizaki is essentially invisible to Higuchi.

Undeterred, Higuchi attempts to blindly shoot in hopes of hitting him, assuming her bullets will hit him anyway.

Higuchi insists Akutagawa has to be mindful of his well-being and that she can handle the mission alone, to which Akutagawa snaps and slaps her. Higuchi backs down with a meek apology. At that moment, Dazai suddenly appears, nullifying both ability users with No Longer Human. As a result, no one who defies Port Mafia lives to tell about it. None of this fazes Dazai, a former Port Mafia executive.

Higuchi speaking to Atsushi. Only a day after a traumatising experience against Akutagawa, Atsushi learns of Black Lizard, a battalion squad of the Port Mafia operating directly under Akutagawa and Higucih. Higuchi answers the call, at first shocked he was able to contact her until she recalls leaving a "business card" during her failed mission. Unsurprisingly, his "encouragement" does little to reassure Higuchi. Mori informs her "Karma Transit", the smuggling group Akutagawa massacred, are regrouping, intent on exacting revenge against Akutagawa.

Having been dismissed, Higuchi tries to recollect herself in the restroom, soon interrupted by Gin Akutagawa , who appears behind her with a knife to her throat. Hirotsu points out that she and Akutagawa command a group that answers only to Mori, holding authority over a squad like Black Lizard.

With Akutagawa out of commission, Hirotsu questions what Higuchi has to compel Black Lizard to obey her. Higuchi admits she has no place in Port Mafia. Higuchi ignores him, only for Tachihara to try stopping her as well, going as far as grabbing her arm to hold her back.

He points out "Karma Transit" hired mercenaries, of which Higuchi can do nothing against alone, and she should just wait for Mori to give the order to save Akutagawa. Higuchi yanks away, shooting him a harsh look, stating that that order will never come.

She is quickly outmanned and overpowered, injured by a bullet through her thigh. Just then, Black Lizard bursts through, providing assistance.


Higuchi Ichiyō

Currency: Order total: In order to prove this suggestion, it is worth analyzing the characters. The main characters are Kichizo and Okyo, who live in a small Chinese city. Both of them have no relatives, who could support them. Okyo is a seamstress, who lives near the umbrella factory and sews clothes for the members of the shop. She had no unusual attributes or outstanding traits, as she was an ordinary stylish woman in early twenties, kind and friendly, and in an old kimono. Kichizo is a sixteen years-old orphan, who repaired umbrellas in an umbrella shop.


Ichiyō Higuchi

Early life[ edit ] She was born in Tokyo , with the name Natsuko Higuchi. Her parents had come to the capital from a farming community in a nearby province. Not long before this final debacle, Higuchi, 14 years old, began studying classical poetry at one of the best of the poetic conservatories, the Haginoya. Here she received weekly poetry lessons and lectures on Japanese literature. There were also monthly poetry competitions in which all students, past and present, were invited to participate.


Growing Up



Хигучи Ичие \ Higuchi Ichiyo


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