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Honeywell HR is an electronic programmable thermostat made by — well, Honeywell. You can read more about it on its homepage. Its main feature is that you can program 2 temperature settings and a time schedule, which can change your temperature 4 times a day to one of the preset temperatures. You can also have a separate schedule for every day of the week. Other than that, it offers freeze protection and automatic open window detection.

OpenHR20 gives you 4 temperature settings, 8 temperature change timers and a control and monitoring protocol that runs over TTL serial on the diagnostic connection of the thermostat.

Also, many low level settings, like PID controller parameters, are available for the user. People running the project found a way of connecting inside the case a small digital radio transceiver called RFM12 b. It is cheap, offers a decent range and fits into the original case of HR It works on dekstop computers, smartphones and tablets, so you can control your heating system remotely from any network device. This tutorial tries to gather all of that sources and add my own experience from setting up and running the project.

I will try to give a step-by-step instructions, which will show you how to build: HR20 or other supported thermostats, see below with flashed OpenHR20 firmware, with RFM12b soldered inside, so the unit is capable of wireless communication, a master board built using arduino or just ATmegap ; the board is used as a communication interface between all wireless-enabled HR20s and a computer running the web control frontend, a web interface for your heating system using an OpenWRT router with the master board connected.

What you need to get started You need several things to build a system as described in this tutorial: A supported thermostat. Wireless radio. You need to get RFM12b modules, one per every thermostat and the additional one for the master board. Some basic soldering equipment. Nevertheless, a decent soldering iron will save you some time.

No additional electronics parts are required, just some wires. ISP is much easier to use, since you can program a new microcontroller using — basically — any other microcontroller.

A computer, which has all needed AVR developing tools. I was using Ubuntu Everything shown here will be based on Ubuntu An arduino board or ATmegap with external 16 MHz clock for the master board. Free time. It took me 3 full days during last Christmas just to set up anything that works, but it was mainly due to the lack of documentation. Share this:.


Honeywell rondostat hr20 comfort bedienungsanleitung

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Honeywell Rondostat HR20

Fazit: Ich benutze das Thermostat bereits viele Jahre ohne jegliche Probleme. Ergebnissen 1 - 16 von 95 Download: Orderman max2 bedienungsanleitung Read Online: Honeywell rondostat hr 20 style bedienungsanleitung medion Kidizoom 12 bedienungsanleitung Becker Please see to eeprom. Is there any chance that the controller.. Download zu: Honeywell Rondostat HR


Honeywell Thermostat Rondostat HR20 Bedienungsanleitung

Malanos I fully agree, that current controller part can be improved, but it need some suficient matematical model. And master can be syncronized from internet. Can you try mount this HR20 into another valve? Many of us have another system. Strange, it may be new bug? Heizungssteuerung mit Honeywell HR20 — The output while adjusting or just any motor movement?

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