Spanish In March , shortly after Ayatollah Khomeini issued his. It is the voice of those who are born Muslims but wish to recant in adulthood, yet are not permitted to on pain of death. Someone who does not live in an Islamic society cannot imagine the sanctions, both self-imposed and external, that militate against expressing religious disbelief. So we hold our tongues, those of us who doubt.

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Shelves: favorites , non-fiction , islam , being-a-kafir Muslims are the first victims of Islam. Many times I have observed in my travels in the Orient, that fanaticism comes from a small number of dangerous men who maintain the others in the practice of religion by terror.

To liberate the Muslim from his religion is the best service that one can render him. On the internet, and in real life, you will find Muslims who will confidently avow how impeccable their holy book is. You will also find them announcing that Islam is a religion of peace Muslims are the first victims of Islam. You will also find them announcing that Islam is a religion of peace by citing certain verses from the Quran.

I used to be one of them also. However, doing this will only show your lack of knowledge of pre-Islamic Arabia, the intolerance of Islam and the absurd laws of Islam that are incompatible with our modern day life. Ibn Warraq touches upon every possible aspect of Islam that I can think about and that should be scrutinized. The book is extremely well-researched. His commentary is however, meticulously executed and the abundance of sources make his arguments even stronger.

I wonder if they are indeed ignorant about Islam to this extent. Or if they do know the truth about Islam but repackage it as divine to sell to the general customers who are unaware of this side of Islam. Apparently, ignorance is bliss. My favorite was The Origins of Islam. It was fascinating. The chapter analyzes the influences of Judeo-christian, Zoroastrian, Pre-Islamic Arabia, other middle eastern and Greek legends on the Quran and therefore on Islam.

Various stories in the Quran are copied from Zoroastrian religion. For example: Muhammad going to heaven on a winged donkey and meeting previous prophets and etc. Now, of course, many—if not all—Muslims will say, "But Muhammad pbuh was illiterate!

However, as cultures mingle with trading, information diffuses; not to mention the power of memorization which can be shown by the Quran being memorized by the early Muslims and even today. In this chapter, you can see the evolution of religions.

It is also heartbreaking to hear about how many Muslim women and children suffer from the atrocities of Islam in different parts of the world. He cites multiple cases, which show how backward and irrational Sharia law is. The traumatized child was then severely beaten for disgracing the family honor. A fifty-year-old widow, Ahmedi Begum, decided to let some rooms in her house in the city of Lahore to two young veiled women.

Later that afternoon, Ahmedi Begum went to the police station with her son-in-law to inquire about her nephew and the two girls. The police told Ahmedi they were arresting her too. They confiscated her jewelry and pushed her into another room.

While she was waiting, the police officers shoved the two girls, naked and bleeding, into the room and then proceeded to rape them again in front of the widow. When Ahmedi covered her eyes, the police forced her to watch by pulling her arms to her sides. After suffering various sexual humiliations, Ahmedi herself was stripped and raped by one officer after another. They dragged her outside where she was again beaten. Ahmedi screamed in horrible agony and fainted, only to wake up in prison, charged with zina.

Her case was taken up by a human rights lawyer. She was released on bail after three months in prison, but was not acquitted until three years later. In the meantime, her son-in-law divorced her daughter because of his shame. It makes you wonder why some parts of the world have advanced, at least comparing ourselves to years ago, and why some parts of the world are still living in the seventh century Arabia.

Also this is just a "no true Scotsman" fallacy. You could easily spot any Religion of Peace. Its extremist members would be extremely peaceful. The peaceful Muslims are just the result of their "scriptural ignorance and secular knowledge," as Sam Harris put it when describing religious moderates.

Most importantly, it should be read by every Muslim in this world. But as one reviewer put it: This is an important work, though probably few will read it who should. Mulla, if your prayer has power Let me see you shake the mosque! If not, take a couple of pegs of liquor And see how the mosque shakes on its own.


Why I Am Not a Muslim

Quotes[ edit ] Why I am not a Muslim[ edit ] Spring will always remain as a kind of watershed in intellectual and world history. Immediately following in its wake came short interviews with or articles by Western intellectuals, Arabists, and Islamologists blaming Rushdie for bringing the barbarous sentence onto himself by writing the Satanic Verses. Ibn Warraq: Why I am not a Muslim, Chapter 1 This book is first and foremost an assertion of my right to criticize everything and anything in Islam - even to blaspheme, to make errors, to satirize, and mock. Freedom of expression: Secular theocracy versus liberal democracy. But for the Arabs there were the conquered and the conquerors The Arabs ruled as a sort of conquistador tribal aristocracy.


Ibn Warraq


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