Contents [ show ] Appearance Ikkyu is a small child with a somewhat oversized head and big globular eyes. He has unkempt hair but with a braid forming a crest on the top of his head. Ikkyu wears a dark bulter uniform with a bow tie and a checkered trousers. Personality Ikkyu is dedicated to serving his masters and showing impeccable manners.

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Plot By the look of him, no one should be intimidated, but his true skill lies in his running technique. He has the record of 4. He is the only player on the Nagas that Agon has any respect for, since he is considered a genius. Ikkyu is proud of his jumping and catching ability.

He tells Unsui that no one can beat him on air. Nasa Alien Arc Ikkyu peppers his speech with the inflection oni, which is used as an emphatic phrase. It is usually translated as "completely". He is always bullied by his teammates because he gets more remarks than they do. He still intercepts it, but he gets the shock of his life when Monta strips the ball out of his hands, resulting in a Deimon touchdown.

Near the end of the game, Ikkyu begs for Unsui to let him have the ball, in order to make up for the upset that the Deimon receiver had caused. However, his request is turned down in favor of just running out the clock.

However, in the end, he and the Nagas lose out to Deimon. With the game between Deimon and Oujo heating up, Ikkyu becomes even more determined to beat Monta as the Devil Bat receiver displays his new technique, the Devil Back Fire.

Even he admits that catching a ball from behind the head is the most difficult method of receiving. Later, after Monta gained his confidence again, he told him that aerial battle with Taka will be a "staring contest".

Two years later he is seen with Jumonji and Banba as a member of the Saikyoudai University team, on their way to watch a game between Koigahama and Enma.


Ikkyu Hosokawa

It is generally held that he was the son of Emperor Go-Komatsu and a low-ranking court noblewoman. He was given the name Shuken, and learned about Chinese poetry , art and literature. Blows", which depicts Tozan becoming enlightened when Ummon rebukes him for wandering from one monastery to another. Known to drink in excess, he would often upset Kaso with his remarks and actions to guests.



Zen Buddhism Expert B. He has even been portrayed in Japanese anime and manga. Ikkyu broke rules, and molds, and called himself "Crazy Cloud. In one of his poems he wrote, If some day you get around to looking for me, Try the fish-shop, the wine parlor, or the brothel.


Ikkyu Sojun: Zen Master

Gardazuru It is all really interesting and makes the reader think and food for thought is always good. Robert Schulz rated it it was ok Oct 08, Two other eminent Five Mountains monks, Zekkai Chushin and Gido Shushin, were also important political advisors and tutors to the shoguns of their time including Yoshimitsu. Set in 14th century Mznga, Ikkyu must learn to live and excel as a monk, despite the fact that his father is the emperor. September 3, 6 comments. Ikkyu 1, There lkkyu a moving episode involving a young prostitute whom he befriends while she is ikkgu offering herself in the window of a brothel, selling her body to feed her family. True Intentions Finally Revealed Part 2.

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