Daniele ordina a Bob di organizzare la festa. Giorgio e Daniele sono fratelli gemelli assolutamente identici. Tobia, molto amico di Giorgio che un giorno gli ha salvato la vita, lo sta inutilmente cercando per convincerlo a rientrare, prima che venga condannato a morte. Daniele decide di partire con Effy e Tobia, per recarsi al campo dal generale Murgrave a chiedere clemenza per il fratello. Daniele, impacciato e pauroso, si adegua malvolentieri.

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Quite distinct from his Inspector Montalbano series, this is a book of comedic fun set in Vigata. More a farce than a Sicilian comedy, this wonderful story will have you smiling, laughing, crying tears of joy and falling about in uncontrollable fils of mirth. To say that Sicilians are a race apart is putting it mildly. Here they have all their characteristics lovingly exposed in this historical saga based on true events.

Andrea is a skilled observer of life with a clever ear for dialogue as he exploits the uneducated, the snob through ignorance, misunderstanding and innuendo. A non-Italian reader, in my instance Englishman is blessed to be in the capable skills of translator, Stephen Sartarelli, who leads one with academic trustworthiness and delicately through the terms and meanings of the original text. For the story is basically one where the local populace feel they have been imposed upon for political motivations to host an unwanted opera on the opening night of their new theatre.

Amid great confusion a host of characters, some corrupt others thugs, through cultural differences and political indifference between scandal and affairs of the heart and against a background of local feuds and family secrets; Camilleri weaves the story. It is accomplished so well your continued commitment to reading will be enormously rewarded.

I guess that in his re-telling of this story he loves the lack of logic and chronology. You feel enraptured at the feet of the maestro as he recounts in a haphazardly but entertaining way. A difficult read at first, please persevere to become immersed in this masterpiece.


Andrea Camilleri “Il Birraio di Preston”



Il birraio di Preston


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