Akigis He muft have endured much pain, for the flesh was permanently marked. When the Fathers went to take leave of him, he begged them to commend him to God. As the letters have never been published, and because of the value and interest attaching to them as contemporary records, I have not hesitated to quote from them freely. It chanced that about this time he came from the province which he governed 5 to pay his respefts to the new King, and to submit his accounts to the controller of the royal treasury. The Portuguese occupation of Syriam covered a period of thirteen years, namely from to At this the King expressed much pleasure, so they revised the translation and presented it to him.

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Her eastern settlements were more numerous, and were scattered over a wider area, than ever before. The King at once granted this requeSt, being influenced to a large extent by the presents which the ambassador brought him. The employment of the Fathers as political agents, while it did much to impair their spiritual influence, did little to retard the impending ruin, the cause of which was not only the appearance on the scene of such powerful rivals as the English and the Dutch, but the faft that for years paft Portugal had been unable to afford her eaftern enter- prises the support in men and money which they so urgently needed; for, since her union with Spain inPortugal had ceased to be mistress of her own resources; and the means which might have been expended in rendering her overseas possessions secure, were diverted into other channels.

However, certain Gentiles interceded on behalf of their holy man, and in the end he was allowed to purchase his freedom for a hundred thousand crusados, for which sum a wealthy Gentile became his surety. On being told that it was, he was greatly pleased, and said: The fame of the pifture soon spread through the city, and Moors and Gentiles alike flocked to see it, so that it was estimated that in the thirteen days during which it was on view no less than thirteen thousand persons visited the church.

After a short time, the disease mounted to his head, and his memory became so bad that he forgot his own words, and repeated whatever he said again and again, as though he had never said it. Stevens appeared in After being twice forced by ftorms to return to India, he managed to get as far as Tarapor 10 some twenty-three leagues from Goa, where he entered the river to await more favourable weather.

The account of the Mission to Cathay occurs in the Commentarj pp. Jahangir And The Jesuits He ftill kept him in chains, but of a jeshits lighter description than before. This opportunity they found soon after the King had settled down at Agra, and it extended over more than a month, during which many notable disputes took place.

As they deny altogether the passion of our Lord, they greatly resented a large pifture, a copy of a painting of Chrift a coluna, which the King had made at this time. A translation by the same writer of a chapter relating to the mission to Pegu see p. Jesuis took place in the month of September, The portrait, which is unsigned, was probably painted in the early part of the seven- teenth century, and is a particularly fine example of the Mogul art of the period.

Vestiges of the Mayas. We appreciate your feedback. On being uahangir of these things, the King, after listening to various counsels, determined to go himself in pursuit of his son, and as soon as day broke he set forth.

You submitted the following rating and review. In a few moments the little sufferer showed signs of recovery, his fever abated, and the happy father, giving thanks to God, took him back to his home. But after the accession of Jahangir, the Mission began gradually jeauits assume the character and funftions of an embassy, and, pan passu, the cause of evangelisation loft ground. The rite was administered to him in secret, to his great consolation. This noble had a very great revenue amounting to at leaSt a million rupees, and his daughter was wedded to the eldeSt son of the King, who used to call him his uncle.

On account of his reputation for holiness, the Prince went to see him, hoping apparently that this would bring him good fortune. For though du Jarric drew the materials for the third part of his HiSloire almoSt exclusively from the Rela- tions, considerable portions of which he literally translated, there are many passages of the Portuguese work which he either abridged, or briefly summarised, or even omitted altogether.

On the outside of the wall, where is the window at which the Hte sits when he shows himself to the people, there had been painted life-size portraits of mahangir of his favourites; but these he ordered to be obliterated, and in place of them he had painted a number of Portuguese figures, very well arranged, and of huge Mature, so that they could be seen from all parts of the maidan [for todo o terreird].

Thus the Portuguese were admired, feared, and hated. The Moors heard them hesuits until they began to confute the law of Mafamede, when they loft all patience, refusing either to liften, or to be drawn into a disputation. LaStly I have to express my gratitude to my wife, who has drawn the sketch maps for Parts II and III, and whose advice throughout has been of great value.

Having entered the fortress where the Prince was, the Captain, without any display of courtesy or respeft, produced fetters, ajhangir with velvet, and said that he was commanded by the King to put them on his feet.

And when this did not suffice to pay the fine, he subjected him to every kind of ill-usage, causing him to be jesuiits with slippers, and preventing food from being given to him, in the hope that his vidtim, to escape from his sufferings, would produce the money which he Still believed him to possess.

He now began to distribute huge sums in alms amongSt the poor of his faith; indeed, it is generally believed that at this time he gave away more than a hundred thousand crusados. Had the wrath of the latter been directed againSt those who instigated him, it would have needed many fewer Stripes to make them abandon the law of Mafamede and accept that of Christ which they hold in such abhorrence, so greatly do they Stand in awe of and fear their King.

The second captain who joined Khusru was Abdur Rahim, after- wards dignified with the title Khar Ass. Candide, in English translation. The Campaigns of Alexander. Whenever we think of this, our hearts are filled with gratitude to Him, and we are never weary of gazing upon Him thus upon the cross. As an additional mark of his favour, the King made him a captain of four hundred horse with the pay of thirty thousand rupees, 9 which are equal to fifteen thousand thr.

The Father was warmly welcomed not only in the jesits of the Portuguese, but in all parts of Cambaya, both Moors and Gentiles expressing their gratitude to him for coming to restore peace. Husain Beg had rendered Akbar very valuable service in Afghanistan, in return for which he had been placed in charge of Kabul, and had been given Fort Rohtas in the Pan jab as a jagir. Most Related.


Jahangir And The Jesuits

It muSl also be borne in mind that Goes did not keep a diary in order that someone else might describe his travels, but that he might describe them himself. They answered that they would remain Christians; upon which the King, turning to his courtiers, said: But nesuits young man said he jhaangir a Christian, and that he would never do such a thing. In the morning, the King sent a barber to circumcise them. Added to this, their control of the seas, which they exercised with relentless severity, was regarded with deep and widespread resentment. The King next asked him why he had come to his kingdom.



Relations with England turned tense in when Roe warned Jahangir that if the young and charismatic Prince Shah Jahan, newly instated as the Subedar of Gujarat , turned the English out of the province, "then he must expect we would do our justice upon the seas". Shah Jahan chose to seal an official Firman allowing the English to trade in Gujarat in the year Roe labelled him an atheist , and although most others shied away from that term, they did not feel as though they could call him an orthodox Sunni. But since there was no intent, there was no resultant problem. Such disciples were an elite group of imperial servants, with one of them being promoted to Chief Justice. However, it is not clear that any of those who became disciples renounced their previous religion, so it is probable to see this as a way in which the emperor strengthened the bond between himself and his nobles. Roe lamented that the emperor was either "the most impossible man in the world to be converted, or the most easy; for he loves to hear, and hath so little religion yet, that he can well abide to have any derided.




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