In large venues, the very narrow vertical coverage of a VerTec line array enclosure allows a lot of acoustical energy to be projected to distant listeners. But in smaller venues, the narrow vertical dispersion means a large number of VerTec enclosures will be required to provide the needed vertical coverage. The VRXLA is designed with wider vertical coverage 15 degrees , so fewer speakers are required in small- to moderate-sized venues. As additional enclosures are added to the line array, the continuous arc is extended with all of the drivers working together as if they were one. The Constant Curvature Array technology provides good signal coherence and clear high-frequency sound quality regardless of the configuration. This design also eliminates the massive steel top plates and back plates found in the motor structures of conventional loudspeakers.

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October 31, Part Number: Read these instructions. Three high-frequency drivers are mounted to the Constant Curvature waveguide which is designed so that multiple enclosures may be arrayed with no discontinuity in the vertical coverage pattern. As a result, the array will behave in much the same way as would a single loudspeaker. Speak er M i d Long In larger arrays, a single amplifier channel may be used for two adjacent loudspeakers. Array shading is then accomplished by adjusting the gain of the HF amplifier channels.

For extremely precise control over system performance, it may also be desirable to dedicate an individual system controller output to each HF amplifier channel. For most applications, the forward socket of the dual angle pole socket will be used. Page 13 JBL is not responsible for the application of its products for any purpose or the misuse of this information for any purpose. Furthermore, JBL is not responsible for the abuse of its products caused by avoiding compliance with Page 14 2.

Page 15 A kit consisting of three 3 forged shoulder eyebolts is available from JBL Professional as part number Suspension of the VRX array must employ both top attach- ment points. The VRXS subwoofers must always be at the top of the array. We may direct you to an authorized JBL Service Agency or ask you to send your unit to the factory for repair.

Please do not ship your JBL product to the factory without prior authorization. This manual is also suitable for:.





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