This is the second book Ive read by Jodi Thomas and I loved it! If youve read the back-of-the-book-synopsis, you know this is also the second book in the Wife Lottery series; Sam has previously paid Sarahs fine to get her out of a Texas jail cell only to whisk her off with nary a word. It opens with the Gatlins on their rainy wedding night. Oh, and Sarah, confessed murderer, has taken one of his guns and hidden from him under the shabby hotel bed.

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Moving along we now follow Sarah and Sam on their journey The Bad News For me! For real! And then her transformation into a tough girl She was my biggest problem in the book. The Superman EffectI think Sam was shot about 5 times in space of two weeks here. He just gets drunk, she tends to him and voila! Surgeons have better watch out! The Angel SyndromeThe idolization of Sarah was very evident here.

Sam constantly thought of her as an angel, as perfect. He eventually acknowledges that as true. The Good News SamEven though he was a jerk at times, he grew on me. An in famous bounty hunter, he is despised wherever he goes. Now he wants an angel to save him. I just wish we were told more about his past and his reasons for becoming a bounty hunter.

He also has sweet moments. Just less than in book 1. He found little comfort in discovering his new bride might be insane as well as armed. But bad luck had been running a wide streak through his life lately, so he did not bother to be surprised by the possibility. Sarah confessed to murdering Zeb, and my girl dreams of being the highest-paid hooker in Texas.

I promise. Just a Confusing FactorFirst, I remember reading in book 1, it was said Sam went to fetch a fancy lawyer. Which is pretty minor, but I simply noticed it here. Also I had a bit of a problem with the suspense plot. It seemed kind of disconnected and Frank never felt like a natural part of the story. Sam Gatlin, a famous bounty hunter, was the one whose name Sarah drew out from the lottery hat.

They left Cedar Point, but his plans to take her somewhere nice were ruined when someone stabbed him. So they had to take a detour. Not surprising the way she grew up. You see, Sarah was left as a baby and that seemed to be the sign what kind of life she would have. She learned very young not to expect anything from anyone. Well, nothing except that they would leave her. It is heartbreaking how little she expects. When she finally answered, he could barely hear her words.

Each new step toward their destination showed her a new side of him and he learned a lot about his wife. They do reach his land near the end of the book, but the journey there was a journey in more ways than one. And they got there together. It was hard to convince anyone to fear him with a butterfly landing on him every few minutes. Sarah is more naive than Bailee even if she was the one who had been married and had a baby.

Often the interaction between Sarah and Sam brought a great deal of humour to the story. The way she learns about Sam and what couples are about is beautiful and funny at the same time. Very intriguing from the beginning Bravo Jodi Thomas!! I had a peek for the 3rd in this series!! It opens with the Gatlins on their rainy wedding night.

Oh, and Sarah, confessed murderer, has taken one of his guns and hidden from him under the shabby hotel bed. As a bounty hunter, Sam has suffered being an outcast from society. Still suffers. When he leaves her to go to the saloon, he is stabbed. On a return visit to town he is shot. You can see why Sarah wonders who she has married. Sarah has been filled with a want for love all her life. The first book in the Wife Lottery series is still my favorite, but I liked the heroine in this one much better.

Sarah was strong and stubborn, despite her fears of intimacy and abandonment. The author took time building the relationship between the couple and we "see" them fall in love. It was a cozy read. My only complaint was about the ending. Way to abrupt.

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Jodi Thomas


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