A friend told him about a system of mental conditioning that had had amazing results when tried out on corporate executives. With nothing to lose, he began implementing its principles. Using the system, these became his reality remarkably quickly, and he resolved to write a simple book describing what he had discovered. These gave some to think it was all a lot of hype, but did the book contain something of real value? A scientific success system Karbo spent 12 years running an advertising agency for the television industry.

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Joe was one of the foremost copy-writers, headline writers and direct response experts of all time. After the war, Karbo married his new wife Betty and had the first of their eight children. He had planned on enrolling at the University of California but due to the financial pressures of providing for his new family, he had to forgo the University and look for a job.

Turning down several jobs, including one assembling roller skates, he established a wholesale paper business and began buying unwanted cardboard boxes from department stores and reselling them to small businesses. He sold that business in to take acting classes at Pasadena Playhouse. He later went on to play bit parts in movies, radio and television shows. Joe also appeared in many television commercials and for a time was the television spokesman for a Maywood, California car dealer.

Joe felt that it was a waste that TV stations went off the air from midnight until 6 AM in those days, so he bought that six hour block of time and he and Betty played movies all night on TV.

They also interviewed guests live like Sammy Davis, Jr. Their show was the first all-night show in the US. Midnight to Eight AM. Always thinking, Joe knew there was an audience up all night made up of swing shift workers, hospital workers, city workers, policemen, firefighters who would watch TV - if there was something good to watch.

He was right. Joe sold his own late-night advertising time, but few potential advertisers believed the late-night audience was worthwhile. So Joe to offset the costs of his television time, Joe turned to mail order promoted his own products during the show. Selling things ranging from glow in dark Christmas ornaments to vitamins, basically whatever he could make a profit on. He wrote his own advertising copy for both the show and his ads.

And as a result of a combination of his like ability, ad copy expertise and the fact that he had a monopoly on TV no other shows broadcast after AM he quickly became rich from his own all - night TV show. To make matters worse Karbo had massive debt load from the purchase of inventory for things he sold on the show.

Money was so tight during this time that Joe found himself refinancing his car just to pay the rent. Looking for a solution Karbo sought the advice of several different attorneys who all advised him to declare bankruptcy. With nothing to lose, he began following its principles. If you believe me, let me do what I do best: sell merchandise. Sidebar: In just ten years after first negotiating with his creditors, Joe became a millionaire, partly from sales of his books and from a vitamin mail order company he had started several years earlier.

Joe then decided to sell the inventory of various products he had sitting in storage that was left over from his now defunct late night TV show. Joe sold Glow in the Dark Christmas ornaments with one of the best ads ever written. He sold these door viewers with an ad that he wound up running for years - selling hundreds of thousands of door viewers in the process with an ad headline: "See Through Walls, Fences and Locked Doors.

He wrote ads for products for others as well, taking a percentage of the profits instead of a fee for the ads. After Joe achieved financial independence he decided to retire. Soon Joe started helping others write ads and sell their products. What he noticed though bothered him. Karbo then resolved to write a simple book describing the principles he had discovered that helped turn his life around.

But this book was something different as it was written as two books in one. In short, it taught the reader how to become the person who could be a success, and a person that others would want to do business with. He referred to it as Money in your mail box. Karbo would go on to reveal all the mail order and direct marketing secrets that he used to make himself, and so many others rich. He wrote the ad and ran a single test ad to see if there was an audience and a market for the book.

Where do you think Tim Ferris got the idea?! The demand was huge for the book and it caught Joe completely unprepared. As a result Karbo had to refund all the orders many of those orders came as cash in envelopes. He and Betty packed their kids into the car and headed up to their cabin in the Lake Arrowhead near Los Angeles. Six short weeks later he completed the book that would change not only his life, but the lives of millions of readers.

They are studied still by direct response copywriters the world. He only sold it direct to the reader — and is one reason it did so well. Publisher after publisher offered Joe enormous for the times royalty advances for his wonderful little paperback book, but he turned them all down. Before his death in Joe sold well over two million seven hundred copies 2,, to be exact via direct response mail order ads.

It quickly sold out as well.



Quote Books The classic and world famous success program created by Joe Karbo continues to change the lives of people all over the world even after 40 years in print. Eventually, selling over 3 million copies to date world wide. In this book, Joe Karbo shares a profound and teachable method that Joe used to turn his life after almost having to declare bankruptcy and become a multi-millionaire in both in his business and personal life in just a few short years. There are no tricks, gimmicks or get rich quick schemes here. Success means many different things to different people. Be it financial, in personal relationships with others or even yourself.


The Lazy Man's Way To Riches



Joe Karbo Legendary Copywriter


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