It is just before sunset and the weather, pressingly hot and humid all through the day, is becoming more agreeable. On the other side, to the east, is the age-old road leading to Mecca. The unmistakable sound that is heard five times a day across Saudi Arabia: the voices of muezzins, many at once, calling people to prayer. Top: The buildings were made from limestone, hand-hewn into blocks and laid in lime mortar before being reinforced by beams and decorated with wood Bottom: Jeddah flourished after the Suez Canal was opened in and steamboats linking Europe with India and Asia passed by. This brought wealth to many merchants, who could decorate their houses. Surrounding Naseef House on all sides are white buildings, several storeys high, with elaborate hand-carved wooden shutters and balconies.

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DOI : The main focus of al-Balagh journal is on the exploration of dynamics propagation in Islamic proselytizing, studies of communication science, and the development of contemporary media in theoretical realm as well as practical one, especially the scope of local, national, and global. Sub themes and scope in the scientific publications of al-Balagh include: 1. Da wa and Islamic propagation: a. Studies in the science of da wa, such as history of da wa, philosophy of da wa, and methodology of da wa, include in culturally, economically, and politically.

Management of da wa that related to make a plan and strategy for Islamic proselytizing, Islamic global tourism, and Islamic management and religious tourism. Communication science: a. Studies in communication science in general, communication theory, and approaches in communication, interpersonal communication, group communication, and organizational communication.

Political communication, including the strategies of political communication, political campaigns, political marketing, governance, public policy, and political parties. Development of communication, such as the communication planning, communication and contemporary issues, and communication management. Communication science in the study of psychology and social culture, include in the field of sociology of communication, psychology of communication, communication and local wisdom, and intercultural communication.

Media studies, including the scope of journalism, mass communication, mass media management, media content analysis, and new media studies. Public Relations PR , consisting of human relations, corporate social resposibility CSR , media relations, public affair, marketing communications, and advertising.


Jeddah’s Historical Al Balad Neighbourhood



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