Choice went in favor of Naberezhnye Chelny, then a small town on the Kama River. Naberezhnye Chelny was located in the center of the former Soviet Union. The navigable rivers — the Kama River and the Volga River — as well as proximity of the railway line, were central to meeting the logistical needs of the construction site for materials and equipment. Going forward, the location would also allow for the easy shipping of ready-made trucks to customers. Orders placed by KAMAZ to procure construction materials and equipment were filled by all the ministries and departments, a total of over 2, enterprises. Over , personnel were employed at the construction site itself.

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Fuel distance at fuel tanks capacity ltr KamAZ is one of the best-selling dump truck models of the Kama Automobile Plant. The dump truck, produced since , was the continuation of the KamAZ dump truck line with a lifting capacity of 13 tons, which, in turn, was a logical continuation of the ton KamAZ Evolution and continuity are evident. Like its predecessors, the th KamAZ is a three-axle dump truck with two leading rear axles, with a gable tire.

Its carrying capacity is 15 tons. It is a sales leader in the construction dump truck segment. On the same base, a 6x6 KamAZ dump truck was built. The main purpose of the KamAZ dump truck remained the same as that of its predecessors.

This is the transportation of all kinds of bulk cargo, mainly building materials: sand, gravel, gravel, etc. When equipped with a tipper platform with the possibility of three-sided unloading, the dump truck is widely used in the agricultural sector.

In particular, as a grain truck; for transporting silage and silage. This dump truck is designed exclusively for transportation over short distances - to perform current everyday tasks at construction sites and on intra-regional type flights. To use this model over long distances would be very difficult: the suspension is stiff, there is no sleeping place in the cab.

KamAZ is equipped with an all-metal dumping platform with an inclined front side. The body has a box, bucket or trough type and a protective visor that reliably covers the space between the platform and the cab. The exhaust gases heat the underbody, preventing the cargo from sticking and freezing to the loading platform.

For use with trailers, as a part of road trains, the car is equipped with pin-loop or clearance-free traction coupling devices, as well as electric and pneumatic terminals for supplying trailer systems.

The truck can be used both independently and with a trailer, as part of dumping road trains. Contact Us.


KAMAZ-65115 6X4 GVW 25200 KG



List of Kamaz vehicles


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