Источники-измерители Keithley серии представляют собой прецизионный четырёхквадрантный источник тока и напряжения с отображением результатов измерений на сенсорном дисплее при помощи интерфейса пользователя конкретно данная модель без сенсорного экрана. Напряжение: до В Мощность: до 20 Вт Узнайте больше. Получите больше. С Keithley Методический учебный центр изучения источников-измерителей собрал в одном, удобном для доступа месте массу информации об источниках-измерителях Keithley и других продуктах. Ответы на самые часто задаваемые вопросы по этим источникам-измерителям доступны на официальном сайте производителя.

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The power source characteristics include low noise, precision, and readback. The multimeter capabilities include high repeatability and low noise. The result is a compact, single-channel, DC parametric tester. In operation, this instrument can act as a voltage source, a current source, a voltage meter, a current meter, and an ohmmeter. Manufacturers of components and modules for the communications, semiconductor, computer, automotive, and medical industries will find the invaluable for a wide range of characterization and production test applications.

Advantages of a Tightly Integrated Instrument By linking source and measurement circuitry in a single unit, the offers a variety of advantages over systems configured with separate source and measurement instruments. For example, it minimizes the time required for test station development, setup, and maintenance, while lowering the overall cost of system ownership. It simplifies the test process itself by eliminating many of the complex synchronization and connection issues associated with using multiple instruments.

And its compact half-rack size conserves precious "real estate" in the test rack or bench. For example, it provides faster test times by reducing GPIB traffic and simplifies the remote programming interface.

It also protects the device under test from damage due to accidental overloads, thermal runaway, etc. Both the current and voltage source are programmable with readback to help maximize device measurement integrity. If the readback reaches a programmed compliance limit, then the source is clamped at the limit, providing fault protection. In the first and third quadrants they operate as a source, delivering power to a load.

In the second and fourth quadrants they operate as a sync, dissipating power internally. Voltage, current, and resistance can be measured during source or sync operation.

It sources voltage or current while making measurements without needing to change connections. It is designed for reliable operation in non-stop production environments. To provide the throughput demanded by production applications, the SourceMeter SMU instrument offers many built-in features that allow it to run complex test sequences without computer control or GPIB communications slowing things down.

Standard and Custom Sweeps Sweep solutions greatly accelerate testing with automation hooks. Three basic sweep waveforms are provided that can be programmed for single event or continuous operation. Unique 6-Wire Ohms Technique SourceMeter SMU instruments can make standard 4-wire, split Kelvin, and 6-wire, guarded ohms measurements and can be configured for either the constant current or constant voltage method.


Keithley SourceMeter 2410 Manuals & User Guides



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Источник-измеритель Keithley 2410; 1 А, 1100 В


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