Some kind words from others … Hey mate, I just wanted to thank you for the pathway you chose to follow 7 years ago as the change it has made to my life and no doubt countless other guys in search of reclaiming their own power has been immeasurable. In having the courage and self-awareness to recognise that you need to move on to greater challenges, despite what others may think, is the very embodiment of what you teach and only underlines the integrity through which you practice what you preach. I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to pursue next in life and look forward to keeping in touch. Thanks to stumbling on AI in , I now have the courage to keep moving forward. You have my deepest gratitude. Thank you Leigh.

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What is advertised as this end all be all guide to bringing you the number one concept that you need to know to be successful with women. It really delivers If you want to save time and effort of reading this book the lesson is this "be yourself" No gimmicks.

No bells and whistles. Just be yourself. To view it, click here. This book meant a lot to me in my early and mid 20s.

I decided to reread it now in my late 20s and was surprised by what I missed, as well as how prescient some of the ideas still are. This book would be closer to 3 stars if viewed objectively on the same merits as most books clear thesis, writing quality, etc but I bumped it up to 4 bc some of the ideas Leigh describes are important and perspective-shifting.

The good: - the framework of certainty vs uncertainty, getting vs doing vs creating is This book meant a lot to me in my early and mid 20s.

The good: - the framework of certainty vs uncertainty, getting vs doing vs creating is simple. These frameworks are what make this book perspective-shifting. Our society is one that glorifies Getting and makes Doing seem try-hard. But the understanding that you can find fulfillment in doing what you love and loving what you do seems stupidly simple but worth repeating over and over again.

I went back and forth with this one bc Leigh portrays this one in a far too simplistic and even naive manner. Honoring your own perceptions, thoughts, and opinions. My socially anxious, avoidant, 22 year old ass needed this message to put myself out there. The bad: - the writing is just cringey sometimes. And I mean this in countless ways. Too many of the claims are presented in an absolute and black-and-white manner. If you change your pathway to doing, by finding barriers in your life and overcoming them, then you will experience all of the feelings power, fulfillment, joy, connection, etc that you are looking for.

What if you have autism and your brain chemistry is such that it is hard or impossible to connect with others in a real and open way? Life is never ever that simple. Furthermore, my big question, as a clinical psychologist reading this, where is the focus on emotions?! I know I did and still do! That has to be the first step. This completely based on how you feel, no seduction tricks or pickup artist tricks or any kind of manipulation technique can be found here.

I picked this book and it really changed how I see this world and all other loved persons : Feb 26, Presteniko Rahadian rated it it was amazing Open my eyes.


Welcome to my brain.



Episode 12 – Leigh Louey-Gung: How to Live Life on Your Own Terms


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