Brass Samples Main Description The Lexicon MPX1 multi processor technology gives you multi-effects the way you expect them to work with instant access to individual effects, and the ability to run uncompromised stereo reverb at all times. In addition to the superb sonic quality you expect from Lexicon, the Lexicon MPX1 gives you easy, top level control over even the most complex functions, and visual feedback to let you know exactly where you are and what features are available at all times. The preset library is organized under database control to allow you to quickly find programs designed for specific sources such as Guitar, Vocals or Live Performance, or to find all of the programs using certain effects such as Pitch or EQ. Be sure to experiment with all presets to get a feel for the full range of Lexicon MPX1 capabilities.

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The Optimize parameter an option of Tune allows balancing of any artifacts vs. Die Gebrauchsanweisungen del fabricante para obtener las especificaciones de potencia. The wah filter is controlled by input level. Patching With Src selected, pressing Options will allow you to specify range limits for the Changing the Range of controller you have selected.

Ambience MPX 1 User Guide Lexicon Ambience The Ambience effect gives warmth, spaciousness and depth to a performance without coloring the direct sound, and is commonly used to add a room sound to re- corded music or speech. Flanger m And Flanger s The Effects and Parameters Flanger M and Flanger S Originally, flanging effects were Flanger M Flanger S created by simultaneously playing two identical programs on two tape recorders, then using hand pres- sure against the flange of the tape reels to slow down first one ma- chine, then the other.

Beginning with a menu tree to guide you through the major areas of the MPX 1, this chapter focuses on the basics that you want to get to first — finding, loading, tweaking and storing programs. Plate The Effects and Parameters Plate Plate effects were originally gen- erated by large, thin sheets of metal suspended upright under tension on springs.

A subtle alternative to plain vanilla delays, this program will thicken up acoustic sources without detracting from them. A tempo-contolled LFO is used as a rhythmic gate to a large plate. Rotary Cab MPX mmanual User Guide Lexicon Rotary Cab This effect simulates a Leslie speaker with one pair of stereo mics on the rotating low-frequency drum, and another pair on the ro- tating high-frequency horn. This is a great dynamic effect for vocals or instruments. The result is echoes that grow more diffuse as they repeat.

Pedal Filter Four pole resonant filter with pedal-controlled cut-off frequency. With the exception manua Overdrive, all Mod effects require relatively small amounts of processing resources and can therefore be used in combination with many other effects.

When you press Store the display will show: A delay effect that is controlled by input level. Selections you make here will overwrite programs currently at the location s you designate. Cut- off frequency and output level are interpolated, and can be swept. Auto panner and echo effects combined so that the echoes chase the dry signal through stereo space.

The delays are ducked out ot the way when the input is moderate to loud, but rise in level when input gets very soft or stops. This is intended primarily for use by editor programs and in configurations where it is desirable for one or more MPX 1s to be slaved to a single MPX 1 acting as a master.

To set the mode, press System, select Audio, then select Input Mode. Each switch appears as two simultaneous patch sources. Others may appear to be able to send only 32, but actually have a bank mode that does let you send all program change messages.

Echoes that bounce back leicon fourth between left and right sides of a stereo mix. Patching Patching Patching is the ability to assign a control Source to a parameter Destination. Press System again and select the Modes menu.

TalkinFlange Mznual throaty vowel effect controlled by input level. Lexucon For most applications, the default full-range Destination values are all you will Changing the Range of want, as these allow your selected Source to exert direct control over the full the Destination range of parameter values.

Chorus, Flanger and Phaser are all here — along with several other variations such as: Higher settings of Optimize manula good for chords and low notes, lower settings minimize the delay through the effect. Works well with percussive or melodic sources. These settings are stored as integral parts of the program.

Whether you want to reassign the front panel meter display, re-route the effects in a program, or create an entirely new sound, you will find the tools you need in this section. Related Posts.


Lexicon MPX1 Multiple Processor FX

I use it on all my projects on the snares and the voice in the overall mix to give depth. What I like most is that we found although this is not either the CFM models from Lexicon, the Lexicon reverb and quite honorable. Transposition tone, chorus, EQ, modulation, delay and reverb, finally. Lexicon in its wisdom provides an interactive front they call it that. It is true that all the buttons that light up to indicate all available functions is a useful thing, unfortunately in practice this device it becomes a trap when it is handled. The implementation noon vital for me is very comprehensive and allows all the internal sources of control are re-issued as a message of control system continues.


Lexicon MPX1 Multi-Effect Processor

Auto panner and echo effects combined so that the echoes chase the dry signal through stereo space. The three types of filters commonly used Damp provides control over the cutoff frequency of the filter. To set the mode, press System, select Audio, lexifon select Input Mode. Medium Hall A bright, empty medium-sized hall. This is a great dynamic effect for vocals or instruments.


LEXICON MPX 1 - REV 1 User Manual


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