She decided to head back to school to study linguistics in her late 30s. D in Her thesis was entitled, "Some phonetic specifications of linguistic units: an electromyographic investigation". She collected more than 12, examples of slips of the tongue, which were analyzed in a number of scholarly publications, notably her Language [5] article and an edited volume, Speech Errors as Linguistic Evidence. Genie had spent the first 13 years of her life in severe isolation, and Fromkin and her associates hoped that her case would illuminate the process of language acquisition after the critical period.

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Fromkin In recognition of her scholarship, her contributions to the Linguistic Society of America, and the charismatic and caring person that we all knew her to be, we are pleased to publish this tribute to our beloved colleague, teacher, and friend, Victoria A. During her long career of service to the Society, to the profession, and to her home institution, Vicki was known for her dedication to equality and fought hard to expand opportunities for everyone she encountered, especially students.

It was therefore fitting, after her passing, that the Society enacted The Victoria A. After receiving her PhD in , she was hired in the Department of Speech , but quickly transferred to the newly established Department of Linguistics , where she swiftly moved up the ranks associate professor in , full professor in Her landmark monograph A Phonology of Akan written with Paul Schachter applied the latest ideas of generative phonology to the description of an important West African tone language.

This was followed by work on phonetic features Fromkin , a , distinctive feature theory Fromkin , and tone Fromkin b, For this she developed a collection of over 10, speech errors, some from the literature, but many more from her own observations and from reports she received from everyone who wanted to be part of her energetic enterprise. In other words, Sapir 49 was right! Along with her student, Susan Curtiss, she was an original member of the team working on the Genie case.

Vicki would ultimately be the first nonmedical person to become the chair of the board of governors of the Academy of Aphasia. Her decision to edit a more advanced introduction to linguistic theory consisting of chapters written by her UCLA colleagues Fromkin highlights both her love for teaching and her loyalty to her home institution, where she served as chair and Dean of the Graduate Division and Vice-Chancellor for Graduate Programs We are so pleased to recognize her many contributions to the field and to the Linguistic Society of America.

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Victoria Fromkin



Linguistics: An Introduction to Linguistic Theory


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