They now use their own Nanakshahi calendar which started on 14 March Gregorian 1 Chet, year Nanakshahi and aligns with the Gregorian calendar as follows. Although there is an obvious relationship with the Hindu Solar Calendar, the Sikh Organisation states that these dates are fixed relative to the Gregorian Calendar. The Nanakshahi calendar is used for all the Gurupurabs festivals marking events in the lives of the Gurus except the birthday of Guru Nanak which continues to be celebrated according to the Hindu Lunar calendar on Katik Poornamashi. Events such as Maghi and Hola Mohalla continue to be celebrated according to the relevant calendars.

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Editorial 2. Why Nanakshahi by Kharag Singh 3. Balwant Singh Kothaguru 5. The calendar worked well but the RSS was annoyed with it because it smelt independent entity of Sikhism. It used various methods to seek rejection of calendar and finally succeeded through Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma.

Here we are presenting the special issue of April It is still relevant as it defines the Nanakshahi: its merits and demerits. We are sorry only one page could be converted to text rest are being presented in image form. Have ever heard of month of 32 days? Today the date is Harh There r grave defects in Bikrami Calender.

Accordingly a solar calender Nanakshahi was devised. Not only this, now they gave Bikrami the new name Nanakshahi. Naturally imitation things create such jokes. As a result of which it becomes out of tune with seasons. After some thousand years Vaisakhi will slip to winter. Any classical literature including Gurbani obviously refers to seasons.

Thus, if the Jantri is not corrected, a day will come when the whole Punjabi literature will become irrelevant Common Era calendar had to so similar defects and was therefore corrected twice; in 46 and AD. Pal Singh Purewal developed a fool proof solar calendar and named it Nanakshahi Jantri.

We present in the following pages both pro and anti Jantri views to find out that the opponents had more obstinacy than logic. Gregorian, Christian, or Common Era the most prevalent calendar in the world is based on Sun and most of its defects have now been removed.

After every 71 years Bikrami is ahead by one day and thus loses its harmony with the solar time. Days keep on adding. After years it will fall in the month of May while after years it will slip to October making Gurbani and other literature irrelevant as far as the seasons are concerned.

Obviously there are several references to the seasons; like Asarh month is hot for those who are array from God. A calendar has to be based on Sun if it is to harmonise with seasons.

Au Calendar being defective the anniversaries or Gurpurabs dates keep shifting [For details see Dr. Name Nanakshahi is not new.

Question is slmple, it is an improvernent in a calendar and why should any body oppose it? Their objection is why the Jantri is independent from any Hindu sptem? Afier lndia was freed, the Govt. They found Bikrami unfit and thus the Govt adopted Saka catendar named after Kanishka, an ancient foreign invader to lndia.

So Delhi can reject Bikramibut the Punjabiscant. We know the Hlndus as I whole ane very tolerant and gentle people. You go to places beyond Punjab they would love to see a Sikh. Off late howeverihe media has played hwoc and the whole Sikh onrmunity stands maligned.

As there are ahnrays some mischievous people in every community. For example the Singh Sabha mocmsnt was vehemently oppossd. Against the wishes of Sikhs ttiey inserted clauses in the lndian Constitution that the Sikhs are Hindus.

Afler Partilion when Punjabiwas to be made the official language the fanatics opposed il. They opposed the Punjabi demands of Riparian Rights and territorial claims. Theirfaces got unmasked in when they supported Sikh persecution. Their Sipahis the Sants opened fire on Jantri.

Jantri being just one, they have scuttled several such other important issues in which SGPC was not allowed free hand. For example [a] Sikh pilgrim Jathas to Pakistlt Gurdwaras is stopped, [b] SGPC is not being allowed to start their chanhelfor relay of Gurbani from Golden Temple when any body, street or colony can do it easily [c] SGPC is not free to hoist the original blue or yellow coloured Sikh flag in accordance with the Sikh Code of Conduct and instead saffron colour of the Hindu is being hoisted etc.

There is thus too much interference in the working of SGPC. Who are their agents? Succumbing to the fanatic ideology, the Congress had launched a secret programme to absorb Sikhs in the Hinduism by using [1]some political parties and politicians and [2]saints and mahants as their agent.

Presently there are hundreds of so called saints who are preaching that the Sikhs are a sect of Hinduism. They do it by preaching and promoting ritualism. Presently the core group of these saints is organised under the banner of Gurbani Gurmat Sidhant Pracharak Sant Samaj.

They encourage their own individual worship. After Gurus the collective body of Sikhs has been using this authority vested in it through tradition. Since the edict has to be the collective voice or in accordance with conscience of the nation the Jathedar of Akal Takhat is supposed to consult head priests of other Takhats before the issue of edict. Tohra misused it to maximum extent. Badal the Chief Minister was more than once the target of edicts.

Secondly the Govts at Delhi have also been sore over the gazette notifications issued from the parallel capital. Giani Puran Singh their buddy was the Akal Takhat priest.

They got implementation of Jantri stayed through Giani. Ribeiro has already hinted that Giani was a police informer. Worse being Giani played in the hand of anti-Sikh forces who controlled him from Delhi. It was killing two birds with one stone. Jantri was a dangerous thing for them and had to be stopped from implementation. Gianiji provided a golden chance.

But it was slightly ill timed. The drama would have otherwise continued for some months. But a sense of discontent was found in the members of SGPC which meant open rebellion against Badal in which his adversary Tohra would have gained. Wings of Giani had to be clipped and he was unceremoniously relieved. To prove that he was the most faithful man he continued to issue hukamnamas to the last hour ; nay last minute.

The whole idea being that the message was to be given that hukamnamas were the most ridiculous thing. The move is more devastating and dangerous than Operation Blue Star itself wherethe attack was on bricks and mortar while now the target is the concept itself.

How ever there is an element of relief that all attempts to demolish Akal Takhat or Golden Takhat have ultimately been humbled and Abdalis and lndiras had to eat humble pies ultimately. Successor of Giani Puran, Joginder Singh Vedanti, a simpleton and obedient Granthi has hinted at the review of the working of SGPC and the relevant laws to amend the provisions that do not suit.

Only future will reveal whether this announcement was a bonafide one or there is going to be a serious attempt to demolish the yet another axis of power besides Delhi.

Note : We will soon type the whole article and make available on internet. In the meanwhile those readers who have fast net connection can read it as images.


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Nikazahn Thereafter, all Sikh places of worship nanakshahi jantri to be known as gurdwaras. However the Calendar janakshahi includes Diwali, Nanakshahi jantri etc. The epoch of this calendar is the birth of the first Sikh Guru, Nanak Dev in In the malmas or the extra month religious nanakshahi jantri jnatri not celebrated. At the time when Sikhism is attracting world wide notice, an online reference work embracing all essential facets of this vibrant faithis a singular contribution to the world of knowledge. Vaisakhi and Maghi are fixed festivals. Its tithis sudist vadis and sangrands nanakshahi jantri exactly the same nanakshahi jantri those of the Bikrami Samat. You can explore these scriptures page by page, by chapter index nanakshahi jantri search for a keyword.





Nanakshahi : The Sikh calendar 2017


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