Pratyangira is sometimes spelled as Prathyangira and is also known as Narasimhi, Narasimhika, Narasimbigai, and Sarabeshwari. Generally speaking, the puja and homa performed in the worship of Pratyangira Devi are supposed to ward off evil energies such as drishti and graha dosha. Pratyangira Suktam which has been mentioned in Rig Veda is actually to counter difficulties faced by humans in the form of evil eye, dosha, et cetera. Later, saints and upasakas apart from chanting Pratyangira Suktham had also composed dhyana, puja vidhanam, various Maha Mantra and tantra recitals in Rudrayamala Tantra and other scriptures. Pratyangira Devi or Pratyangira Mata is said to be fiercely protective of her devotees.

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When bad karma takes over by virtue of bad actions in this and previous births, then no amount of upasana can save the person.

This is to be understood properly. What then would be needed is to do more vigorous sadhana with true prayaschitta bhava. You can substitute the Devi with any other divine shakthi. It is said that even to this date, there is a particular spot where Indrajit started his worship for Nikhumbhala Devi and many a Tamil-Tantrics I know frequent that place. Pratyangira is also seen as Mahasudarshana.

That is why it was easy for Karthaveeryaarjuna to do his upasana for Nikhumbhala Devi. Many things run by Karma and rinanubandhana, Srinivas! Sharabheshwara hugged Nrisimha tightly to calm him down but instead got wilder.

Now, both Nrisimha and Sharabha startedcreating havoc! This goddess, who is the most fierce form of Sridevi ever known, calmed both Nrisimha and Sharabha by a mere laughter and absorbed all their eenrgies. She holds in her, Sharabha, Nrisimha and Shakti. Pratyangira Upasana is not a joke. I have repeated this often and to curious people in my group see my older postings on the subject , dissuaded them from taking the upasana by merely seeing the ugra rupa and getting excited.

Of these, the most severe mantra is that of Atharvana Bhadrakali. I refrain from giving out the mantra as even if I type them and someone reads them, it forms a bit of an initiation from me, which I want to avoid. Iam aware of the fact that some online sites who have no idea what they are doing and some books available in the mantra do reel out the mantras and beejas however, I have seen that Sri Devi is also seen as the wife of Sharabheshwara, whose other wife is Shulini Durga.

Also for shamana cooling Her of the marmas after the upasana one needs to do certain mantras from the srividya lore, which can accrue upon only through an initiation. One needs to be extremly cautious during Pratyangira Upasana. For every thousand recitation of her mantra, an equal number of Bala needs to be done. Some tantras also say that repetitions of Gayathri are needed for one mantra of prathyangira!

Such is the puissance. The side effects of this mantra are severe. In the words of Harshaji of Kamakoti Mandali:"To quote a personal example, every year during Shishira Ritu, Iundertake this purashcharana for a month. During this time, skin getscharred, eyes turn red, there is severe acidity and a sense of a hugeentity residing within. By the end of Purashcharana, it becomes sooverpowering that thousands of Bala mantra Japa becomes necessary tocalm Sri Paramba.

Pratyangira Devi destroys all Abhicharas, Kritrimasand can break most of the known Krityas. The easier way is to worship Sri Lalitamba through thedivine Sahasranama. By simply doing this, one gets protection fromPratyangira, Sharabheshwara, Varahi and Martanda Bhairava". Let me narrate one experience from my side too! I used to frequent one Tantric in Chennai and finally after years of seva to Him, I learnt certain procedures for PrathyangirA, including a way to do a homa using red chillies,cloves,etc.

I have stopped doing it at the behest of my Srividya Guru who said "We have nothing to do with it". During those days, I had one "friend" who was in business and he tempted me with good money and opportunities, to make me do a krithya for him. His intention was to decimate a guy in Indonesia. I said forthright, "I will not do such a thing, what harm has he done. Even if he has done some harm, it gives us no right to kill him, we have to bear our sufferings with a smile".

I tried to instill some sense in him thus. But he would not listen and said "You have backstabbed me, Goodbye! I just smiled and kept quite as he leaved in a huff. Now, this guy acting very pious and humble had taken from me a prathyangira mantra, few weeks before the face-off.

This person after the incident, used the very same mantra on me! Sitting and doing in the night a procedure given by me! Can you attack your Guru?

Though, i never arrogate myself to the position of a guru, if I give a mantra to someone, I automatically become his Mantra-Guru atleast As I said before everything is determined by karma. That night, I saw a hand nakha-damshtra-yuktham strangling my neck. I could see just a white light and the experience was really terrifying. I did not see the Devi and my voice was choked. I could not even think and started communicating with the "white-light-apparition-shakthi" athmically.

Following was the dialogue: " Who are you, why do you strangle me? Keep quite, Fool! Why this strangulation? I then realized what had happened. I then said " Amma, to die in your hands is my bhagya. Many millions of years of my papa will be decimated by your mere touch.

Who will have the bhagya in this kaliyuga to see you so freely and still talk with you! It is verily your karuna I felt the hand on my neck releasing a bit but the white light was still there. I then spoke out aloud. But Amma, i gave the mantra to this guy and he is harming me because I rejected his request of using your mahashakthi for a nefarious purpose.

Please burn me to cinders, if you think my statement is wee-bit wrong" Lo behold! I could then see two eyes very fierce and leonine appear in the white light, looking at me very seriously as if to test my sincerity. This happened 4 am-ish in Chennai, two years before my marriage. Why was I attacked in the first place?

Because, I had given the mantra to a shatha and dushta. This was my karmic angle. What happened later? My "friend" was severely punished. Never fall for sensationalism and the romance and mysticsm of tantra and lose your head. Never give mantras to undeserving people. Karma leaves none including the Guru 5. With this caveats, please do your research on the deity and seek out a true upasaka and then take the initiation. On the other hand, Lalitha sahasranama after panchadasi initiation will serve a purpose more than prathyangira upasana.

Srividya upasana is the ultimate. Dont forget this! Sarabeswara os a ugra avatar of Lord Shiva. She who is the ferocious half human and half lion of courage. Sri Prathyangira maala mantra.


Pratyangira Devi Homam

Pratyangira is sometimes spelled as Prathyangira and is also known as Narasimhi, Narasimhika, Narasimbigai, and Sarabeshwari. You may also be interested in chanting the Pratyangira Gayatri Mantra while worshiping Goddess Prathyangira. All those suffering from enemies and problems caused by enemies and bad hearted competitors can chant the Moola Mantra of Goddess Pratyangira Devi. Problems will gradually vanish when Pratyangira Devi is prayed with utmost devotion on a daily basis.


நவ சக்திகளின் அருளை ஒருசேர பெற உதவும் பிரத்யங்கிரா தேவி மந்திரம்

Thank you for subscribing. Something went wrong. Sarabheswara is an ugra avatar of Lord Siva. Another name of the atharvaveda is atharvAngirasa. Angirasa veda denotes black magic or witchcraft. Angirasa kalpa denotes a manual on witchcraft.


Pratyangira Devi Moola Mantra



Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi: The Goddess to Counter Black Magic


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